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LotR Wiki

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Edit this page (last edited April 23, 2013)


Welcome to my Lord of the Rings Wiki pages. This website contains information of the Games Workshop Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game.

Not only will you find a bunch of stuff that I am currently working on, but feel free to start adding your own articles, galleries, etc. Since this is a Wiki website, you are free to add/edit/delete anything you want! The only thing you canot do here is upload your pictures, you will need your own website to host your images and simply link to them from here.


-- April 23rd 2013 --
WE ARE BACK!!! After a very long hiatus, we've been able to update the hosting and preserve the old database. All of the data is here, and we'll be spending the next few days combing the pages to see that the images are pointing to the right locations. We hope to keep this site as a place where some unique collections of data can be found, such as the Publications and Gaming/Community Scenarios and our Miniatures/Painting/Banners page. Let's keep this site alive and well!

-- June 13th 2006 --
I'M SO SICK OF SPAM!!! I've just removed anonymous edits from the site, to see if that will help curtail all the spam attacks we get. Now, if you want to edit any page, you MUST have your UserName? set inside your User Preferences, otherwise, you are redirected to the User Preferences page. I don't know if this will stop the programmatic attacks we've been gettings (like on the MessageBoard/ArmyLists? page) but it may help.

If attacks continue, I'll see about adding a Password to our accounts

We can discuss this on the Message Board/Stop Spammers.

-Shnar Gru

-- May 18th 2006 --
Some of you may have seen some problems with the site this past week. Not exactly sure what was causing the problem, but I decided to do some housekeeping on the database. Open Wiki uses an Access database (at least my version does) and the current database had grown to 98MB+. You see, each time an edit is saved, the WHOLE page is saved in the database, so when we get spammed/vandalized, it really starts to add up in the database. I think that's what was causing the bad website performance.

At any rate, I removed a lot of history pages and compacted the database. It is now a lean 32MB and it looks like our general site performance has improved. Sorry for the inconvenience all.

-Shnar Gru

-- March 1st 2006 --
LotrWiki? on Life Support! Activity is very low here, so much that some people think the site is dead. BUT, as you can see from the Recent Changes, we aren't gone for the count. There are a few diehards still around making sure the site isn't vandalized and occassionally posting articles. I'd like to personally thank The Precious and Kaliska for helping with vandales as much as they do.

So, are we dead? No, I don't think so. We're stagnent. A Wiki site has always needed a few core individuals who constantly guide the site, add new content, etc. Sometimes it's the original owner who does it, but being Wiki, this can pass on to others as well. Unfortunately, such passion has not yet been found and the site has grown stale. If I had more RL time, I'd post a LOT more articles and pictures, and the site would seem fresh again. In the meantime, know that as long as I own this domain, the site will remain, so browse away and post articles.

On the topic of vandales, originally I felt that the vandales that would come (and we had our share in the beginning) we could manage. Unfortuantely, most of the vandalization that happens nowadays is not from people but rather scripts. Due to this, I am looking at adding CAPTCHA as well as toying with the idea of requiring an "account" to edit any pages. Check back in the next few weeks (or months) to see what I've come up with.

-Shnar Gru
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If this is your first time to a wiki website, visit the Community/Newbie or the Community/FAQ page for some general instructions on what to do and etiquette to follow.

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