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LotR Wiki

Albino Cow

Edit this page (last edited July 4, 2005)

User Name: Albino Cow
E-mail Address: Unknown1221(at)
*replace (at) with @, this is to prevent spam bots.

I am a 13 year old wargamer from Plymouth, Minnesota. I enjoy playing LOTR against two of my friends and also enjoy painting miniatures. We have played many games and have a small collection of miniatures between us.
My miniatures include:

1 Uruk-Hai Captain
1 Uruk-Hai Standard Bearer
22 (I lost 2) Moria Goblins armed with bows, spears, and swords and shields.



Welcome aboard. So do you have a copy of the rules too or are you just building an army to play with your friends? And have you tried your hand at terrain building yet? Feel free to contribute where ever you can.

-Shnar Gru

As a response to that, I am getting a ruleset soon and I have made some terrain (primarily some generic fantasy terrain)

-Albino Cow
If you have a camera post your stuff here as well as articles on how to do them

-Mighty Mushroom

Albino Cow, why do u not have any uruk-hai as base soldiers in your army? Wouldn't that fit better as a theme, cause really, you never hear of a Uruk-Hai and a Goblin knowing the other exists, let alone one leading the other?

Neix J
Wassup Im also a new guy around this place but i'm an awesome Lotr player I specialize in mordor and Uru-kai I really would like to get a Fellbeast model that is what i aim for and also to be the best evil player around!!

Fell Beast

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