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Table Of Contents
  • Lord Of The Rings Pictures
  • About Me
  • My Collection
  • What I love to do
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  • Lord Of The Rings Pictures

     /Lord Of The Rings Pictures

    About Me

    Hi! I thought it was about time that a girl got interested in LOTR warhammer!! My bro, Faramir got me interested. Please feel free to post messages, also if anyone out there is also a girl, could you please let me Know! Also, from the pics I have recently put up, I think you can gather that I LOVE horses!!!

    I love the movies (LOTR of course) and the minis, soon, I hope I will start collecting them!!!

    P.s- Check out my LOTR pics I put up. Go into the link called Lord Of The Rings Pictures!! and it's above my table of contents! (Thanx to faramir who helped me set it up!!)

    My Collection

    I have:
    • 3 Horses of Rohan (Without Bases)

    Nothing else at the moment but I plan to get some in the near future. I do want to get Arwen though!

    What I love to do

    • Listening to music!!
    • My fave bands are: U2, Maroon 5, simple plan, Jet and Green Day!
    • I love playing sports like cricket, basketball, tennis and I love swimming!

    Wiki Friends So Far


    None at the moment!




    Soz, Baruk Khazad and terrain dude, but I took away the talk about Green Day!!! SORRY!!!

    Message Board

    Talk and talk and talk and talk and talk!
    Hi Arwen and welcome to the site! (Beat ya RangerOfTheNorth?!) It's great to see a girl interested in Lot R :)! If you need any help with the site just ask!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Hey! Nice to see a girl that collects Lot R! BTW, im a guy, sorry, but if you need any help that your bro can't help you with, just ask one of us, we're happy to help. How about you tell us a little about yourself, where you live, what you collect etc. I can't wait til you start contributing! If you need a place to host your images, is a great site, they have FREE, UNLIMITED space for your images.

    -King Of Gondor
    Hi guys, thanx for the welcome, also thanx for the offer of help, I'll let you know if I need anything! Thanx again, Arwen

    Hi, have you heard Green days new album?

    The Terrain Dude (As by the name you can problly tell im a guy. lol)
    Co G, you have humbled me. This is like your 9th time beating me here! lol. Arwen, Welcome to Lotr Wiki! Its great that we are seeing new members come along. I can't wait untill you paint some models and put them here! Again, are you on MSN messanger?

    -Ranger of the North

    Pity we wont be seeing any of your work, Arwen, you sure you wont just get a box of plastics and paint them up, then we'll see how you go from there!

    -King Of Gondor

    -Ranger of the North
    I take back what i said about not having any minis! I discovered three Riders of Rohan (Just the broken horses....) They were donated to me by my brother's friend. Arwen

    -King Of Gondor
    Sorry, but I don't have MSN! Arwen

    I am a boy, Arwen. Does that make you feel happy or sad? I can still help you though. What country do you come from? I'm Aussie. case I am mistaken for a page...those Eowyn pictures...err...must take them down....(My non-Lot R Wiki friends tease me about liking Eowyn all the time!)

    Lasta Greyshield
    How cute!!!!

    - Faramir
    hey big softie that falls for kitties and duckies, i like the pics but save them for non LOTR stuff PLEASE!! [[Arwen]]
    Hey Arwen, just answering your question, Im guessing you meant which box to buy? Well, I would suggest some guys on foot, as with Ro R, you only get six. And I would not suggest getting Warriors of Minas Tirith, as they are boring and repetitive. So I would either go with the Warriors of Harad or Rohan. Hope that helps.

    -King Of Gondor

    KOG i disagree, i love painting WOMT and i recommend that you should buy them. I painted 12 in the last 3 days.

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Hi Arwen, great to see im on your friends list, as for what you could put, hmm maybe- definate dude lol i dont know

    The Terrain Dude

    (Blushes). I am NOT a fan of Eowyn!My friends think i am but...but...(blushes)

    Lasta Greyshield

    Oh sorry i forgot to say, but i'm Lord Aragorn Elessar671 (i'm a guy) and welcome to the site

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    thanx for the welcome LAE671!! (is it ok if i call you LAE671 ?)
    And Lasta, soz about the stuff I put on your site about HELP..... don't take it literally, but it was annoying that it said every-where that I needed help!! And about Eowyn....., whatever you say........ sure you're not a fan... Cough, Cough.....
    Thanx for the advice KOG and Lae671! Also could you suggest a box that good to use in... say, a battle with my bro, as well as being good to paint? Soz for all the trouble!!! Arwen...

    You should buy either the 'Warriors of Minas Tirith', 'Rohan warriors' or 'Haradrim' boxed sets. They would be good starters. Or you could get Moria Goblins. Well, thats my opinion.
    I just saw The Rot K Extended DVD and it has lots of Eowyn and Faramir in it and my frinds were teasing me...

    Lasta Greyshield

    I agree. Those are good boxes to start collecting with.


    Hey! im Prince Of Mirkwood. I'd probobly say High-elf boxed set. cuse when u get it u can save up for arwen.

    - Prince Of Mirkwood

    Men are average fighters...elves are good too (or bad if you are playing Evil!!!). Can you get an elves boxed set Prince Of Mirkwood?

    - Lasta Greyshield

    If you need help about anything just ask me Arwen.

    - Lasta Greyshield

    Just thought i'd drop by and say hi, i'm kaliska & am also a girl.... you are not alone If your keen on eventually getting some horses i'd go with the warriors of rohan box cos then you've can add in some riders of rohan later on and get a prety decent army going.

    - Kaliska

    I love Greenday!


    I know this got removed last time but I'm goin to see green day in june (wooo)

    -Baruk Khazad

    While it's still around i may as well add to the Green Day worshipping....... saw them in London in feb, seeing them again @ Milton Keynes in June...Mike is so cool (as of course are the others!)


    Are you going on the saturday or the sunday in june?

    -Baruk Khazad

    hey i thought u might want to know the site I just made here is the link

    -Prince Of Mirkwood

    LONG TIME NO WRITE!!! Gosh, its been ages!!! cya, Arwen!

    u heard about the greenday tour in December

    Prince Imrahil

    yeah! they toured all over!!! i didnt go, but my friend did, she said it was awesome!


    id like to batle against a girl i think id learn a few more subtil strategies cool by the way im new


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