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Attercop Attercop

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Hi. I come from Australia and have been collecting the BGIME mmagazine since it first came out. I have quite a few models and I'm not bad at painting them. One of the main reasons I joined this site is to put up House profiles and scenarios, which I make a lot of. I don't collect one army in paticular, I have a mixture of everything.I first read the Hobbit and LOTR when I was 10, but as hard as I try I can't get through the Silmarrilian. I chose the name Attercop Attercop because of Bilbo's line in the hobbit, and all the good names had already been taken.


Use these links to create your galleries.


* /Colapse The Cave (An article written by Attercop Attercop).

Feel free to leave comments

Welcome be sure to tell all your gaming friends

Wise Wanderer

Okay. Thanks for leaving a comment

Attercop Attercop
Yes, welcome. Don't forget to set your username in the User Preferences, so we can see when you make contributions

-Shnar Gru

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