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Edit this page (last edited October 13, 2006)

(Posted 3/7/05)

Here's Sydney Harbour for Ya!!

== I'd Also like to say that my movie was deemed "inappropriate" for it'a apparently "lame" humour, pretty strong stuff from a 60 yo English Teacher ==

You know as I was typing this up, the Live 8 Event thingy was on and if you haven't already` put your name up at

(Posted 24/6/05)

P.S, I'm gonna post a Pic of a place in OZ called the Entrance, and since i tried my hand at Photography with my uncle's Digi cam when we holidayed, I thought I might Post these and See How this Goes...

Au revoir et Bonne Nuit!!!


Hey Y'all, I'm a *Bleep* year-old LoTR Enthusiast from Oz and I've played and Painted from 2001, Round When this Game started With Fotr. The First Models I got were these High Elf Bowmen with 2 Swordsmen, Painted with pots of Fresh Citadel Paints

Basically my Bread-and-Butter Rohan Patrol, Largely consisting of foot troops but there are a couple of riders as well

Heres a snapshot of my MoMT (Men of Minas Tirith) force, small but I still use em with the Rohirrim

"The Men of the West"

Now Here are the very first Models I painted way back when Lotr was released, consisting of a couple of High Elf Bowmen with like 2 Swordsmen

Oh yeah, an MSN Address: (Don't get freaked out on me name, its just a dark blanket of anonymity in which i try to keep my privacy intact)

Hope to post a lot more stuff!!!

BabY 123


I really like the men of the west pic. good job on painting high elves too I see that you still have some work on the bases of the worriors of Minas Thirit though

hi, cool rohirrim. are they yours or is it a copied pic? but what is up with that cartoon drawing seriously. get rid of it if you would like to keep a good status. alot of backchatting goes on around here.

Mr Mclukus

Well its nice to get some feedback, and apologies for that pick, but i am an anime fan and its off an anime show called Samurai X, but nevertheless the focus here is the Kickass Rohirrim, by the way, What is your army composed of mostly, Warriors or Riders? anyways good luck wiv publishing your conversions, they sound pretty good...

I'm a star wars fan, too. I mean, I like the movies and many of the games. I don't go further to read the fake books and such. I love your pictures, especially those of your rohan force

Bour Bon

I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, I loved general grievous in the 3d movie, in fact the whole 3d movie was just great


p.s. how do I getr my name hyperlinked?

thnx for the pic u added to my page its great i luv it thnx tonnes

p.s. i luv star wars

Is your name Balin? Do you have different cases, more than one word, anything like that? Check the name on your home page and make sure it's the same. Episode III was swell, indeed.

About Baby123: I love Star Wars, too! Like Bourb, don't get into corny crap, but ah like da movies wit a pashun. Nice units and paint jobs. You have a much different painting scheme for robes+belt than me. Nice other pics, too.

Retarded Geek
Yehay!!!!! Thanks for the Feed Back!!!

Category Users
ah, par les vous Fransais. Im learning it at school now. HaradWarstudier?
I think stars rules!! I'm a great fan of star wars I have absolutely nothing related to star wars but oh well... Fell Beast

yo ur rohan dude r ausome u got eomer if not u should get him hes auome in close range combat but his high move is real good 2 oh and he looks good as well. eny way ur a way betta painter den me but how did u do ur elves so good? i had to under coat my elves like 3 times befor i was even remotly happy wit em u must be real talented. p.s. i don't no how to put my name on page but its ringwraith so u no.

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