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LotR Wiki


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  • My Army
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  • About Me

    I am a LOTR miniature painter. I am not the best one in it but I think I do oke for my doing. I don't play the game with my soldiers because I don't have an opponent, wich I thing is too bad. Besides miniatures I have made my own scenery. I think they are looking good you can judge it for yourself if my pictures are in my gallery and maybe you can give me some advice. My favorite Lotr character is offcourse Balin

    My Army

    • many huruk-hai
    • huruk-hai balista
    • uruk-hai captain
    • saruman
    • balin
    • 4 khazad guard (more coming)
    • Balin
    • legolas
    • gandalf
    • eomer
    • eowyn
    • aragorn
    • merry
    • pippin
    • faramir
    • gimli (coming)
    • 15 worriors of Gondor ( more comming)
    • 23 worriors of Rohan
    • 5 orcs ( more comming)
    • 4 riders of rohan ( more comming)
    • the whole fellowship



    Ah hey!!!! Welcome to the Site!!!!, I hope you can do alright while using WIKI, GOOD LUCK!!

    P.S If you wanna Post Pics, just get the URL of the Pic itself and Copy and Paste Like So

    Note: The Balin Pic is From this URL

    <> Bab Y123, Formerly Known as For Middle Earth
    Thanks for the help

    You are most Certainly welcome,

    Ba By123 Category Users

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