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Balin/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited October 16, 2006)

My Gallery

I am not very good at painting mini's as you can see, but I think some of them have worked out quite wel. But you can judge that for yourself.

As you can see here these are older miniatures, these just have a simple base made by grind normaly used for trains later on I started using grind an static grass.

sorry for the blurry photo's


feel free to give some comments

The uruk-hai captain and Balin look great! Pity the photos are blurry

-The Terrain Dude
These look great, and nice job basing them! Bour Bon

These are great! don't shame yourself over your painting! they look great. you seem to know what you're doing,but if i may suggest on learning how to paint faces and shade. learning how to shade clothing and such is a very important skill. try going to the last alliance to figure out how.

Legolas of Mirkwood
Yeah they're really good, especially Balin, but you could make them a lot better by giving them washes.

p.s. how do you get the pictures onto the article from a digital camera cause I'm trying to make my own gallery.

Legolasthe Golden
Nicely painted, son! Jameson
I really like your Faramir, Aragorn and Balin models, and your bases look absolutely great! (My own bases are very simple, as I don't really have the time or resources to do detailed basing) I also think that your warriors of Rohan look very good, but I would also suggest maybe doing some shading and/or small details on the faces, I can't talk however, as I rarely use these techniques myself, but I do know that they produce great results.


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Edited October 16, 2006 (diff)
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