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About Myself

I am relatively new to tabletop gaming but have been a fan of Tolkien's works for some time. I know Warhammer has been around for sometime and was heavily influenced by Tolkien's works but the Jackson movies have really drawn a lot of fans to the genre and I think that the LOTR strategy games was a great addition by Games Workshop. Leave it to the Brits!

Wargaming Addiction

I have been addicted to wargaming since my very first purchase of an Avalon Hill game War at Sea at age 12 but can probably trace roots to wargaming back to Castles and Catapults that I absolutely begged my dad to buy for me when I was a real yungin. Now after several more Avalon Hill games, I am now older but am still a kid at heart and find this hobby particularly attractive for several reasons. The creativity and personal touch of painting your own figures, creating your own terrain, and endless possibility of scenarios. I am kind of a Tolkien purist so I would not be likely to have what-if Aragorn fought Gimli type of match ups but the possibilities are endless unlike many counter based wargames which are much more restricting. I was introduced to the genre by a co-worker who plays space marines in 40K with his son Alex, (Tau), and now that I have a son myself I would love to share my interest that I have had for years in wargaming with him. My wife says I am just a big kid but I do not disagree, one cannot take themselves too seriously now.


Although I have collected several figures I have yet to start painting.


  • /MiniatureGallery?
  • /SculptingGallery?
  • /TerrainGallery?




Hey and Welcome. Always great to see a new member even better that it's someone closer to my age. That's one of the great things about war gaming, just about anyone of any age can take an interest.

-The Precious
Hello (or should I say g'Day). I am from the states myself but it is great to see an international interest in this that can be shared (painting ideas, scenarios, etc.) Although as far as LOTR there seems to be more interest abroad, more US fans seem to be sticking kind of loyal to WH and 40K, but this is a new flavor of the game so we will see. Nice Hobbitses.

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