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LotR Wiki

Bour Bon

Edit this page (last edited May 6, 2006)


I'm a lotr fan and I collect goblins and uruk-hai (especially goblins.) I used to be with Retarded Geek, but I created a separate profile. I play the game with four friends and my brother but not really any competitions or anything.

Goblin army
  • 48 plastic goblins
  • 2 cave trolls
  • Drum, 3 drummers
  • 2 Durburz models
  • Captain

Uruk-hai army
  • Lurtz
  • 18 plastic uruk-hai

Also, 4 ringwraiths and another mounted


See you all around lotr wiki!

-Bour Bon

./Miniature Gallery

./Terrain Gallery

Gaming/House Rules/New Horse Rules (joint project w/ Retarded Geek)

Gaming/House Rules/Goblin Trackers

Gaming/House Rules/Random Rules To Enhance Gameplay

Miniatures/Conversions/Better Goblin Conversion

Terrain/Buildings/Simple Ruined Castle


Oh yeah, and sorry about having no pictures, but whoever recommended pixplace is stupid... pix place deletes your pix after like a month.

Rohirrim are my favorite good units, and NONE OF MY FRINENDS GOT THEM! I'm annoyed at them...

Bour Bon

I've got good pics of my force if you're interested

Bab Y123

I wouldn't mind seeing them.

im curious, 2 durburz 3 drummers i find that interesting, and i supose ur captain is the 4th drummer converted ; i did that drummer thing 2 but now ive got 1 dangling on a troll chaine and the other 1 is my bolg ungoliant

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Edited May 6, 2006 (diff)
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