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LotR Wiki

Bour Bon/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited July 16, 2005)

Bourbon's Boys

Here we are. Some of my better painted models. Notice how I use enamel paints and they come out fine.

(Sorry about the E N O R M O U S pictures!)

Some goblins. What do you think of the lava?

I do that by painting red over the entire base and then placing sand on in select places to create cracks, revealing the red. Then I paint it black.

Lurtz - it looks a bit cartoonish from this close up.

Here's my ringwraith - one of my best models. Check out the stream. That's clear glue over blue paint, formed into ripples.

The mighty cave troll, with a similar base to the goblins except without lava.

Uruk-hai up close.

This is the flag of my 18 uruk-hai. I made it when a swordsman's arm broke off. The flag is a rag hardened with paint, attached to a long toothpick.

This is elrond, which I painted for my brother Retarded Geek for some variety (it's now his best painted model)

Here are some of my better conversions. The first one used to be a moria goblin drummer. I explain this conversion here: Miniatures/Conversions/Better Goblin Conversion The other Uruk-hai used to be a pikeman but I lost his pike so made him into a swordsman. Notice that both the shields are HOME MADE - I didn't have to wreck any other models.


I may not be able to help you with color choices because I use enamels, but I'll do what I can.

They'd look great if you zoomed out a bit.

Wise Wanderer

I agree. Good job, though!

Retarded Geek

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