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LotR Wiki

Clark Monster

Edit this page (last edited July 19, 2006)

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Clark Monster is a 40-something husband and father of one very impish little goblin named Aidan, or AidanMonster?. I wargamed with the Heritage Miniatures line of Lord of the Rings miniatures back in the mid-1970's. As a high school student with limited income from a part-time job, I had to decide between wargaming or fixing up my 1969 Dodge Charger and going on dates. Guess which interest won? So when the new Peter Jackson films came out and i found out that a whole new and extremely cool range of miniatures were being made, I jumped back into miniatures wargaming with both feet and a full wallet (well, not so full any more!). I now have over 500 Lot R miniatures and my collection is growing. Only the Fellowship is painted thus far.

More later.

Clark Monster

Hey cool story. Welcome to Wiki.


Great to have another old lag on board

-Os Bad
Have you painted anymore models?

-Ranger of the North
How much money did you have?

Elrohir Of Rivendel
Deleted yet another load of pointless links posted on a page. The writer asked 4 them not to be deleted, if he/she knows we will delete them why does he/she bother!

Anyway hi great to see a new user!

The Terrain Dude
o.o this is the guy buying my Ugluk - Cool!

Neix J

Sorry I have been so remiss in responding to your nice questions. I've been away from this WIKI for a while. Thansk for the warm welcome. In short, I've still only managed to paint a few more heroes but my collection of unpainted models continues to expand. I have managed to work on a few conversions though. I went into a terrain building mode for a while and finished a large, multi purpose, sectional game board, along with a few set pieces like a bridge similar to the one in Osgiliath and a few small houses. As for money I have to spend on Lot R minis, that all comes from selling other stuff on eBay. That's really my sole source of income for this hobby and it has served me quite well. As Neix J just said, I bought an Ugluk from him on eBay. That mini is nearly impossible to find in the US. Neix was a real trooper as a seller too. Very patient and accomodating as we navigated the ins and outs of PayPal?.

Good gaming guys and I'll try and stop in more often.


Just as a tip Clark Monster, you wanna write your name all together (no spaces) as in Clark Monster at the bottom of a post. Also, on the blue side bar, go to user, prefrences, and enter Clark Monster as your name so when you change pages, we can see it was you who did it in the recent changes page. I should probably do this, but im too slack, and its no reason you shouldnt.

Neix J
Welcome back Clark Monster

Take some photos! I'd love to see what you've pieced together. I've been working on some modular pieces, 1'x 1' squares of different themes. I need to finish up a few more and take some photos, but I'd love to see what you've done.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited July 19, 2006 (diff)
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