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Durins Bane

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Category Users

hey ive been collecting for over 3 years and i live very far away from the city were Games workshop is. couled some one pls tell me any siege of gondor rules or a site witch has rules on it. my army is big to u no
- 1 Sauron
- 1 Balrog
- 1 Witch king mounted on fell beast
- 8 ringwraiths mounted on horses
- 1 Gothmog
- 1 Saruman
- 1 Lurtz
- 1 Grishnakh
- 1 Shagrat
- 1 Gorbag
- 1 Sharku
- 1 Grima Wormtongue
- 1 Gollum
- 4 Barrow Wights
- 1 Moria Goblin Shaman
- 13 Moria Goblin Captains
- 12 Uruk Hai Captains
- 7 Cave Trolls
- 264 Moria Goblins
- 1 Moria Goblin Drum. what is the rules for this?
- 15 Berserkers
- 2 Uruk Hai Standard Bearers
- 6 Uruk Hai Crossbowmen
- 100 Uruk Hai
- 2 Warg Riders
- 24 Mordor Orcs


Use these links to create your galleries.
  • /MiniatureGallery?
  • /SculptingGallery?
  • /TerrainGallery?


As you create articles for the site, remember to enter a link to them here.
For example:

Welcome aboard Durin. Nice to see your name, after all the recent changes you've done.

As you'll soon see, we are all gamers who love the game and just want to help others with their games. All of the pages here are meant to edify players, not just "distract" them. There are many projects that need helping, and if any attract you, go ahead and help. Also, if there are any articles you wish to write, just put them in the appropriate places

-Shnar Gru
You have soooo many models!!!! How did you get all those??? I moved category users to the top if you want it on the bottom (sorry) change it back.

-Ranger of the North
Why on Earth do you have 7 cave trolls? You can only use a max of two trolls of any kind.

Neix J
I collect to paint and display, not to play. So I could see a reason for having that many.

-The Precious
Aren't you Durins Bane? Why is The Precious answering?

-Ranger of the North
I was just giving one hypothetical reason why someone may have so many of a given model. It was only meant to serve as input into a conversation regarding Neix J question above. I was simply expressing a reason that would apply to me, but then again if you felt my input unwarranted so be it.

-The Precious
OOOOOhhh I see. Anyone's imput is fine I was just confused... now it makes sense though.

-Ranger of the North
264 moria goblins. Where do you get the money?

Legolas THEarcher

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