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Ebob/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited September 21, 2005)

  • Balin's Tomb
  • The Watcher
  • Amon Hen
  • Comments

  • Balin's Tomb


    The Watcher


    Amon Hen

    I added this just because it's so awesome (it's done by him) -Bour Bon



    Damn Ebob, you're good! Where do you find the free time to get all this done?!? And the photos are great too, do you have a special setup for taking photos? Looking forward to seeing some articles from ya

    -Shnar Gru

    P.S. I've moved this page into it's own Minature Gallery page so that it automatically appears in the Miniatures/Gallery list.
    Um, is the Gandalf at the top yours? It looks really cool... I haven't seen that model before...

    Neix J
    Yeah, that's his Gandalf. And what he failed to mention was that on his site you can actually order his custom miniatures! He's got some amazing models, and I personally would love to see more non-war figures, like his Barliman and Townsman figure.

    Ebob, if I can make a request, create some "woodelf" figures from Mirkwood. That would be amazing (and probably sell very well, since GW doesn't have anything yet). Also, make us some more Hobbit folk! I want to see Proudfoot, Gaffer, Rosie Cotten, etc

    -Shnar Gru
    Hey, Ebob, do you sell your miniatures for Aussie Dollars?

    Neix J

    I'm pretty sure ebob uses paypal on his website (though I may be wrong) which would mean you could use practically any currency.

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Er Uh, dont make me feel weird or anything, but whats Paypal?

    Neix J
    A method of making payments all around the world. I'm pretty sure it was orig. an eBay thing, but now has more applications and anyone with a Paypal account can purchase anything, from anyone who also has an account. Neix J, I have a Paypal account hooked up to my American Express card, so if you ever wanted to get somthing from Ebob, I could order them and you just pay me back. -The Precious
    Yeah... *shifty eyes* pay you back, heh-heh. I'd probabbly wait till he get's some more of those rangers...

    Neix J


    Wise Wanderer

    Your watcher in the water is spectacular. Send a pic into games workshop its seriouly better then theirs.

    Wise Wanderer
    That is an absoloutely fantastic moria gaming board and is there any chance you could take some more pictures focusing on the inside of the mines. As I would very much like to have a go at building a moria similar to yours. And any more pics of the fellowship you have converted or sculpted would be greatly apreciated.

    The Terrain Dude
    Great watcher game board how did you make it.

    Elrohir Of Rivendel

    THIS IS SOME OF THE SICKEST MODELING/PAINTING I HAVE EVER SEEN YOU ARE INSANE! the moria setup looks right out of the movie, love the cobwebs etc, this is way better than any GW stuff!

    Do you have anyone else to post?

    Bour Bon



    Theres load on his site:

    -Baruk Khazad

    thats awesome....from andy

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    Edited September 21, 2005 (diff)
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