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LotR Wiki

Elrond The Avenger

Edit this page (last edited August 1, 2005)

Squire of The Last Alliance, Elrond The Avenger has been involved in Lord of the Rings strategy wargaming since he discovered it through the high school gaming club last February. He immediately bought a single wargrider and painted to the best of his ability, and then entered this model in the National Painting Comp (and got slaughtered). There, he met and saw the fine work of a certain James Copp (you might know him as the sculpting god who created the three part King Ellesar over at The Last Alliance), inspiring him to stick with the hobby. Fast Forward. Elrond The Avenger is now the proud owner of well over one hundred Lord of the Rings models, including a full, 50 model 500 point what-you-see-is-what-you-get, painted, based Angmar army *starts drooling*.

Check My



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Gaming Articles

Me too, which was why I started creating this site, a way to see if a TLA-like site could exist in Wiki format, reducing bandwidth and administration. It's an experiement, plus gives us a place to go while TLA is down.

-Shnar Gru

we all do welcome aboard

-Mighty Mushroom
Congrats on the Rank increase on The Last Alliance! I am still a villager, mainly 'cause I've never actually finished an article, and now they aren't accepting any new ones. I did submit one article, my Miniatures/Conversions/Haldir Spearman article that I reproduced here, but Os Bad rejected it! Something about simple weapon-swaps are no longer good enough for TLA, even though it's almost identical to yours, but with a different model. *sniff*...

-Shnar Gru
Well that's too bad Shnar! My article's not even that much better than yours. The process explained in mine is SO not even the easiest way to do it. Since writing that article, I have cut the converting time for those models down from the original 2 Hours to about 30 Minutes! And to think that our very own Os Bad rejected it! I'm sure it would fare differently now :P.

-Elrond The Avenger

Hehehe. Congrats still, you deserve it. (IMHO, your painting needs more practice, but the articles are still good). BTW, for some reason capital JPG's don't come in as images, just links. I'll look at the code tonight to try and fix that...

-Shnar Gru

Thanks for that Shnar. You should really consider entering that custom boxes article, its pretty good. As for the painting, well, its gotten MUCH better since I painted those two mirkwood elves and haldir, but i've got another batch of 4 to see what i can do (1 unarmored banner, 1 unarmored sword and shield, 2 unarmored bow). Maybe I'll fix that article sometime when I have time. Very busy presently (writing furiously, actually) to finish the Angmar article (part of which is here), a converting Dunleandings article, a battle report, and my building Middle Earth over our gaming groups 1st gameboard (check my terrain over at TLA), I'm aspiring to become a warrior sometime soon and get elected the herald of Angmar (since we have so many other active members and all :P), but since I now have two decent articles up and another two ready to submit.... It's bound to happen eventually.

-Elrond The Avenger
FYI, I changed the name of your sculpture/conversion warg page to Elrond The Avenger/Sculpting Gallery and sublinked it here. The Miniatures/Sculpting page will auto-pickup the page and list it. I like having our galleries as subpages of our userpage.

-Shnar Gru
Thanks, Shnar. To tell the truth I couldn't quite figure out how to do that.

-Elrond The Avenger

Heh! Sorry about the rejection Shnar 8) Glad there are no hard feelings! Dunno what's happening with TLA at the minute - guess it's exceeded its (massively increased) bandwidth limit again, and even with sponsorship that is bad news for the long term viability of the site. If the site ever gets stable there should be an evening out of and rationalising article quality. In which case there will be a place for well written articles on even "simple" topics. If it gets stable! As for now, being a Squire or even a Ranger on TLA counts for very little!

-Os Bad
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Edited August 1, 2005 (diff)
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