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LotR Wiki

Elrond The Avenger/Sculpting Gallery

Edit this page (last edited February 19, 2006)

  • Warg Captain with Standard Passenger
  • Comments

  • Warg Captain with Standard Passenger

    This took about three hours to convert and included extensive greenstuff usage. Too bad I haven't based it yet.


    Feel free to add any comments to this page

    Pretty good, although I suggest painting the riders a different color to the wargs.



    I want some good techniques fro decoration the base, i've tried but all i get is an uneven mess!

    I want to know how he did it!

    -Thomas Hazell

    very nice

    For larger bases like yours, I prefer to put a largish rock or two, (real pebbles)in the centre with, maybe in this instance, a rohan shield rested against it. Paint same colour as the rocks in the film.

    I have now based the figure and redone the banner. Look for new pics soon.

    -Elrond The Avenger
    Waah! I can't see the picture...

    Neix J


    -King Of Gondor
    Me 3 -MACE
    Me 4th and a half Citadel Guard
    well I,m 5th Saruman
    well that would make me 6th

    hey i wonder if there is a club or somthing for us no picture seerers that would be cool.
    XP, I think mebbeh his account was terminated. And I am the king of Non-Pic seeing. I cant see Ko G's Legolas or Frodo.

    Neix J

    Howdy, haven't been here in a while. Many of my online hosted pics have been terminated, so your best bet is to check my TLA Gallery. link is

    -Elrond The Avenger

    um, whats the link??

    -Baruk Khazad

    And i'm seventh!


    pics aint showing

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    Edited February 19, 2006 (diff)
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