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Elvenknight009/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited July 8, 2004)

See gallery here:


But you could changethe paint scheme. If you dip a model in brake oil for about 24 hours, it strips all the paint...

- Elrond The Avenger

That's ok (thanks for the idea though), I don't want to spend another month repainting them.

I had trouble with my HE too. I tried to copy the colour of blue-green that GW used for cloaks and sashes, but I could never get the same mix twice. As I painted them in several batches I have quite a wide range of cloaks ...

I suppose it looks more natural, but it wasn't the effect I wanted. I must admit that now I have a rule that rank-and file troops in a "uniform" are only painted with colours "straight from the pot" so that I don't get in the same situation again!

- Os Bad
The riders are fine but i would advise the use of some 75% brown ink 25% brown ink mixture being applied to the brown horses - nice work on the horses armour. Glorfindel looks a little over glazed and red lipped but i like the fact that uve put eyes on him- steady hand

- Lord Glorfindel
Hooded elf looks a little weird! Try cuting of helms creast and painting hood red. also glorfindle's face from front??? is it paint job or modle?

- Scum Of Moria
why do u use red on them? p.s.The Elnaith are awesome!

-Citadel Guard

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Edited July 8, 2004 (diff)
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