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Table of Contents

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  • Me
  • My Wiki Friends
  • My miniatures
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  • Evil Forces
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  • Me

    Hello and welcome to my page.Hi, I live in Auckland, New Zealand.I first started collecting LOTR models earlier this year when the first issue of BGIME came out. I have subscribed to BGIME and I haved recieved my 3 free gifts.My favourite LOTR's charcter is Legolas.If you have any ideas on how I can improve my page please tell me.I have now unsubscribedfrom bgime because of bad delivery services.

    User Name: Eomer

    My Wiki Friends

    Captain Of Gondor- Helped me out when I started and good to talk to.
    Lord Aragorn Elessar671- Also helped me out when I started and good to talk to.
    King Of Gondor- Good to talk to and lives close to me.
    Neix J- Also collects Rohan and is really funny. - Im really funny, tralalala!
    Citadel Guard- Had a good chat on MSN
    Ranger of the North - Also good to talk to.
    Shnar Gru- Helped me out and the site wouldn't be without him.
    Faramir- A new-be who collects Gondor.Very cool guy.
    Sam P- Is my cousin and also very cool.
    Arwen- Is cool and is the only GIRL!

    My miniatures

    Good forces

    4 Men Of Gondor
    8 High Elves
    Frodo (Fellowship)
    Aragorn (Two Towers)
    12 Warriors of Rohan
    Legolas (Fellowship)
    Boromir (Fellowship)
    Gandalf the Grey (Khazad-Dum)
    12 Riders of Rohan
    27 Warriors of Minas Tirith
    1 Knight of Minas Tirith sandard bearer

    Evil Forces

    24 Moria Goblins
    31 Uruk-hai
    Uruk-Hai Captain
    24 Mordor Orcs
    2 berserkers
    1 Ringwraith



     /Miniature Gallery


    Gaming/Community Scenarios/Midnight Raid On Lothlorien

    Terrain Articles

    Terrain/Basics/Simple Rock Clusters

    House Rules

    Gaming/House Rules/Haldirs Brothers


    21.4.05- I have got heaps more models now and I will update my list soon and hopefully take some pics of them for my mimiature gallery.

    Message Board

    Sorry for not giving you a proper welcome! If you need any help feel free to ask me or any other members of this site! Why dont you tell us a bit about yourself and put up your list of miniatures that you own? If you have a digital camera you can create a miniature gallery and post up pictures of your minis! But first you have to upload them on to an image hosting website (I & many other people use it's quick easy and free!). You then copy & paste the URL onto the page where your minis will be. Anyways thanx for joining and I hope to see some contributions from you!

    -Captain Of Gondor

    Hey welcome to the site Eomer. If you want your name to appear as a link to this page then you will need to add double-brackets around your name like this :[[Eomer]]. Hope you take the time to put some pics of your miniatures up, always good to see others paintjobs ( and see what i've done wrong )

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    Hi Again Eomer! Just A Question If Your Favourite Character Is Legolas Why Is Your Username Eomer??? Also It's Good to See You Getting This Page Up & Running Well Done!!!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Also I Was Just Wondering if You Had MSN Messenger?

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Hey Eomer! I was just wandering where in Auckland you are from? I'm from the North Shore. I can't wait to see your minis and I hope you enter something into either this month's or next months PaintingCompetition?

    -King Of Gondor
    Hi Eomer! Good to see another Rohan collector... I think. I just painted Theoden, and Im getting Eomer, Eowyn, and Gamling with RRS soon... all mounted

    Neix J
    I LUV riders of rohan but i hate how only 6 come in a boxed set and their defence values are low but they all can shoot!!

    -Citadel Guard
    There defence values are 5... thats pretty good for warriors, 'specially since they have sheilds and bows.

    Neix J

    Terrain gallery is now up and running. Check it out and tell me what you think.

    - Eomer


    Category Users

    Hi Eomer. By the way how did you get your name in the all users page when you only have one capital letter in your name. Will you please answer in my page. Thanx. -Faramir

    Someone has allready answered on your page. I'm to slow.

    - Eomer
    Thanx for putting me in your friends list. -Faramir

    Thats ok.

    - Eomer
    Sorry, but I haven't said hello yet!! So ..... HELLO!!! Arwen

    Look in miniture gallery for a list of my minis but sorry no pics an im just to busy to take pics of 200 or something models.


    Maybe a litlle late but...welcome to the site, i am a newbie too


    A bit late?? Eomers been here for ages

    -Baruk Khazad

    A good 9 months I have been here. Just havnt been very active latley.

    - Eomer
    SCHWEEETTT!!!! A Rohan Playa with a vast range of Models, I ask if Lo TR is still popular in NZ after the Movies, in OZ, Lo TR is kinda played as a sideline to 40K & Warhammer, but in my case, it's the exact opposite!! Click on my name if you wanted to see my Mini's

    Bab Y123
    Na. I ditched rohan ages ago. I'm collect modor at the moment. And lotr is still quite popular here.


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