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Edit this page (last edited April 14, 2004)

Ethrendil is the name of a converted high elf captain that I made , and my first real covertion (Hopefully one of many to come). I got into the hobby via the BGi ME magazine in september 2003 and got hooked. I now have over 100 miniatures ranging from Sauron to Worriors of Minas Tirith. I have an Evil army of close to 2000 points ( around 1960 pts ) and working on my good army. Other than that , I am english and live in France .

Welcome and thanks for joining. I'd love to see your miniatures so if your able to post pics in the gallery than feel free Also if your having trouble with Wiki than read up on the help section


Yes, welcome. How are the frogs treating you? I'd spent two years in the south of France back in the early 90s. Where are you at? And why there? Man, I'd love to go back. Oh, and how well is Games Workshop and Lot R available out there?

Check everything out, if anything pulls your interest just dbl-click to contribute. If you want to add articles, check out Wiki Name for info on how to add subpages. Have fun!

-Shnar Gru

Thanks everyone ! ill try to get some pics of my miniatures up soon. The frogs are treating me just fine , down here in the south of france (about an hour's drive fron AIx-en-provence). the GW hobby is quite big round here , mostly WH and WH40k , and there are also a few guys who play Lot R !


Aix, eh? I lived there for a while. An hour aways? Hrm, you can get to quite a few places in only an hour in France (country's not that big). Let's see, you could get to Salon-de-Provence, Marseille, Nimes, Avignon, Arles, Martigues, Toulon, maybe even Draginon and Frejus. At least, so I remember. I didn't drive much while I was there, used public transit and bicycles. Ah, I need to go back!

-Shnar Gru

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