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Is it sleeping?

Nope I think its trying to rip someone to peices....

I am new here but I am the brother of Ba By123.....

That name is really stuffed!! But anyway more about myself, I do the evil forces of Mordor, Moria and Isengard I have..

Lots of Uruk-hai Pikemen and swordsmen

3 Uruk-haiBowmen



Lots of Mordor swordsmen

Lots of Mordor Bowmen

Lots of Moria Goblin swordsmen

And lots of Moria Goblin Bowmen

I know i uesd "lots of" a lot in that bit I couldn't think of anything else. and there will be more Troops in addition to my army and also more cool pics!!

And just Last week i won A$50 in an Lotr Tournament at our gaming club, and I gotta do this movie thing with my brudda which involves me having to go over a fence, How lame
plz feel free to leave your comments here I feel left out...

Bab Y123
where r da pics of ur modles lol. don't wory ui don't no how 2 either. ringwraith *Category Users

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Edited October 13, 2006 (diff)
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