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LotR Wiki

Fires Of Mordor

Edit this page (last edited May 17, 2005)

Hi,I am Fires Of Mordor right hand man to Gothmog and I am a Goblin/orc and ready to smash up some Gondorians. Here I am[/IMG] hehe

I'm 13 and live in Essex. I have a complete 500 point army of Mordor. Joined February 17th 2004(ish).

Mordor Army List

  • Ringwraith
  • Gorbag (used as me)
  • Shagrat
  • Grisknakh
  • 8 Orcs with bows
  • 4 Orcs with 2-handed weapons
  • 14 Orcs with shields
  • 14 Orcs with spears

44 models win/loss ratio

4 wins 0 draws 3 loses


./Miniature Gallery

-Firesof Mordor
welcom i spose

-Twitchof Gondor
Hello your army looks impressive

-Mightof Gondor

Thanks just finding it hard to paint it all!

Firesof Mordor

hi im Prince Of Mirkwood i made a 1000pt gobbo army i will tell it to you.


the balrog

1 moria gobbo cap'n

2 cave trolls

21 gobbo swordsmen 21 gobbo spearmen and 21 gobbo bowman

-Prince Of Mirkwood

Cool army. For wins/losses, i believe ties comes after both. And, hello!

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Edited May 17, 2005 (diff)
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