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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Battle For The West Fold

Edit this page (last edited April 24, 2006)

Battles of the West Fold

I noticed this section had no campain's section so I've made one and am starting a list of campain scenarios these will cover the battles in the westfold and will be played as a three part large scale linked campain.

  • Battles of the West Fold
  • Act one The farms
  • Riders in the fields
  • Evacuation
  • Act two Flight from the villages
  • The rear guard
  • The wolves of Isenguard
  • Defend the refugees
  • Act three the strongholds
  • Taking the watch towers
  • Defend the fort
  • Flee for Helms Deep
  • comments
  • Act one The farms

    In the raid on the westfold the Urukhai must first make their way through the outer farms

    Riders in the fields

    Description, the first of many raiding partys has entered a farm in the westfold, patroling riders are moving to attack them.


    On the good side are twelve riders of Rohan with throwing spears and one captain of Rohan with a horse, armor, a sheild, a bow and throwing spears.

    On the evil side are 20 urukhai warriors, 7 with pikes, 7 with sword and shield, and 6 with crossbows, and one urukhai captain with a shield.

    Layout, The game is played on an 4/4 open feild with an outer fence covering a 3/3 square and a farmhouse in the south west corner.

    Deployment: the urukhai deploy no closer then six inches from the outer fence, the riders deploy six inches from the farm house.

    Objectives: The if a player has lost either half its forces or its captain at the end of combat he/she loses. If both sides lose half their forces or captain in the same turn the game is a draw


    With many farms in flames the warriors of Rohan can only hope to save the farmers from the Isenguard raiders.


    The good force has twenty four warriors of rohan, 16 with sheilds and throwing spears, and 8 with bows and throwing spears, and one captain of Rohan with armor sword and sheild. There are also 10 noncombatants they have no attacks, a 3 defense, one wound and move six inches per turn.

    In addition the player may use any units which survived the previous scenario

    The evil force has twenty four Urukhai warriors, eight with sheilds, eight with pikes and eight with crossbows, and any survivors from the previous scenario

    Layout: the game is played on a 4/4 board with a small farmhouse in the middle with a door facing west.

    The evil force deploys no closer then twelve inches from the northern edge of the house. The good force deploys no closer then twelve inches from the southern edge.

    Objectives: The evil player must kill five of the ten noncombatants before they escape off the southern table edge. In order for a noncombatant to leave the house a warrior of rohan must spend one turn at the door to reprisent them waking the family, or they may roll a die to reprisent being woken by the battle din, the result must be a four or higher. Once awake the noncombatants are free to flee the house, they can not leave if the door is blocked.

    Special rules:

    Burning the house: if an urukhai spends one turn in contact with the house he may attempt to set it on fire. Roll a d6, on a result of one nothing happens, on a result of 2-5 the house takes one wound on the batter chart. If a 6 is rolled the house takes two wounds. If batter damage is inflicted the house is considered on fire. Every turn a new roll must be made for the fire if a one is rolled the fire goes out, otherwise the damage is the same as setting the fire. Only two fires may be set on the house, if one goes out a new one may be set. All noncombatants in the house take a 2 strength hit every turn to reprisent the risk of being caught in the fire. If the house is destroyed all remaining noncombabants inside are killed. the house has eight batter points and a defense of 8.

    Act two Flight from the villages

    Once in the westfold the forces of Isenguard destroy every village in their path, the people have no choice but to flee

    The rear guard

    As villagers flee brave warriors of rohan mount a defense to hold back the enemy and buy time for the villagers to escape.


    On the Good side are Two captains of rohan with sheild, armor and throwing spears, 48 warriors of rohan, 16 with bows, 16 with throwing spears and sheilds, and 16 with sheilds and handweapons.

    On the evil force are 24 moria goblins 8 with bows 8 with spears and 8 with sheilds, 26 Urukhai warriors, 10 with sword and sheild, 10 with pikes, and 6 with crossbows, three urukhai berserkers and two Urukhai captains one with sword and sheild and the other with a sword and a crossbow.

    Layout, the game is played on a 4/4 board, the southern board edge should have a 1/4 area set up as a village with atleast four buildings, this area should have an outer fence and an inner barricaded area about 6 iches from the southern board edge.

    Starting positions: The good force starts anywhere in the village, the evil starts 24 inches away from the outer fence.

    Objectives: The evil player must move atleast 1/3 of its starting force off the southern table edge, or kill 75% of the good forces.

    Special rules: Courage: the men of rohan will always pass their courage tests, none have stayed behind expecting to survive.

    The wolves of Isenguard

    The People of Rohan have fled their homes for the safety of fortress strongholds in rohan, These columbs are escorted by the tattered remains of the defense forces of the westfold. A party of Wargs has been spotted heading for the columb, the riders have moved to intercept.

    Participants: On the good force are 12 riders of rohan, with throwing spears 1 captain of Rohan with a horse, armor, sheild, and throwing spears, and any riders who survived the patrol and evacuation scenarios in act one.

    On the evil side are 18 warg riders 9 with bows and 9 with spears, and Sharku.

    Layout: the game is played on a 4/4 board, the board is open with some hills and scattered rocks

    Starting positions: the good force deploys on the eastern table edge the evil deploys on the western table edge

    Objectives: the evil force must move atleast 10 riders off the eastern table edge, the good force must prevent this from happening.

    Defend the refugees

    The riders have left the columb to fight off an orc ambush, but other enemy forces threaten the refugees. Now only scattered footmen stand between the savage soldiers of Isengard and the innocent peasants of the westfold.

    Participants: The good side consists of twenty four warriors of Rohan, 8 with bows and throwing spears, and 16 with sheilds, handweapons, and throwing spears, a captain of rohan with sword sheild and a throwing spear, and any warriors of rohan who survived the Evacuation scenario in act one. In addition there are 15 noncombatants as well as all surviving noncombatants from the Evacuation scenario.

    The evil force consists of 20 urukhai warriors, 10 with swords and sheilds, and 10 with pikes, 5 ukhai berserkers, 1 urukha captain with sword and sheild and any warg riders who escaped off the eastern table edge in the previous scenario. In addition if the Rear Guard scenario was won by the evil force any survivors of that scenario may be deployed on the northern table edge.

    Starting positions. The columb deploys in a 12 inch line running north to south. The main evil force deploys on the western table edge. Survivors of The Wolves of Isengard scenario deploy on the western edge. Forces from the Rear Guard deploy on the northern edge.

    Objectives: Atleast 8 noncombatants must escape off the southern table edge for the good side to win. If enough are killed that this is not possible the evil player wins.

    Act three the strongholds

    With their homes in flames the people of Rohan flee for the safety of fortified outposts.

    Taking the watch towers

    Urukai raiding partys moveing ahead of the main army have been sent to destroy rohan watch towers preventing fortresses from gaining advanced warning or acurate numbers of troops.


    the good force consists of 8 warriors of rohan with swords and bows 4 have throwing spears as well, 12 riders of rohan with throwing spears and two captains of men with armor, throwing spears and bows.

    The evil force consists of all warg riders who survived the defend the refugee's scenario, six additonal warg riders, Two urukhai berserkers, twenty urukhai warriors 8 with crossbows, 6 with sword and sheild and 6 with pikes and two urukhai captains with a sword and crossbow. The urukhai carry two ladders

    Layout: The game is played on a 4/4 board with a main road in the center and hills to the sides. at the end of the board are two rohan watch towers 12" from the table edge spaced 12" apart, They should be about 6" tall. The good force deploys in these towers or 1 inch behind them. The evil force deploys 24" away from the watch towers.

    Objectives: the evil force must capture the two watch towers before their forces are reduced to 25% of their starting number. The good force must prevent this from happening. A tower is considered captured if it has no good moddles in it and atleast one evil moddle. If a tower is empty it is not considered captured. If one or both towers are neither captured by the evil force nor defended by the good the game is a draw

    Defend the fort

    Shortly after their attempt to destroy the outposts around the forts the Urukhai move in for an attack.


    The good force consists of all surviveing Rohan units from act II, any survivors from the watch tower's scenario plus 8 warriors of rohan with bows and 6 riders of rohan.

    The evil force consists of all troops who survived the "Defend the Refugee's scenario", and the survivors from the "taking the watch towers scenario" (The warg riders do not count double, eg. ten warg riders survived the Defend the Refugee's scenario, five survive the "Watch tower scenario" the evil player may use five warg riders not fifteen). In addition they have thirty six urukhai, ten with sword and sheild, ten with pikes, ten seige engineers, and six with crossbows, six warg riders, twenty four goblins eight with sword and sheild, eight with spears and eight with bows, six urukhai berserkers, two demolition charges. one orc captain with a warg and sword, one urukhai captain with a sword and sheild, and one goblin captain with sword and sheild. The force also carrys four ladders.

    Layout: the game is played on a 4/4 board this board should be mostly open with some hills. the rohan fort lies on the southern edge of the table. It must include a palisade wall with a gate which spans the width of the table located 12inches from the southern table edge, a large wooden tower, and some sort of main building with a stable. The good player may include a wooden gatehouse as part of the palisade, the gate house turrets count as wooden towers. twentyfour inches from the main keep are the two watch towers from the previous scenario. Special rules apply for these towers.

    Starting positions: the evil force deploys no more then 6 inches from the northern table edge. the good force deploys behind the palisade wall.

    Objectives: when the evil side is reduced to 50% the battle is lost unless they have captured an objective, The objectives are, the other side of the gate (the gate must be breached), the tower, and the main building. If an evil unit reaches one of these objectives then the remaining forces must be reduced to 50% in order to defeate them. If the evil force captures two of the three objectives they win.

    Special rules:

    The towers: If the good side won the last scenario all surviving archers are deployed in the towers, the good player may also deploy troops as far out as the towers, in addition the good player has priority. If the evil side wins their forces deploy just behind the towers, any archers that survived the previous scenario start in the towers. If the game was a draw the towers are empty the good force having pulled back to reenforce the main fortress.

    Courage: The good forces automatically pass courage tests, they are trapped in their fort and fighting for their lives.

    Flee for Helms Deep

    Rohan's fortress are crippled, the people of the westfold can't hope to defend their wooden structures from the fires of Isengard. As the orcs regroup for a final assault the defenders now must hold back the forces of Isengard while the refugee's flee for helms deep.


    Free peoples: any survivors from the previous scenario and surviving noncombatants from the "Defend the Refugees" scenario plus ten additonal noncombatants.

    Forces of Darkness: Survivors from the previous scenario plus six warg riders, one orc captain on a warg, ten urukhai with sword and sheild and one urukhai bomb team with berserker the new forces are considered reenforcements.

    Layout: The game is played on a board similar to that of the previous scenario. The Fortress is relocated to a space 12" from the northern board edge. Its walls cover a space 12" long. The fortress must have a rear door for the good force to escape from.

    Starting positions: The Evil survivors from the previous scenario may start on any captured objective areas. If no objective were captured they start six inches from the northern board edge. Reenforcements start on the northern board edge no matter what. Good Survivors are deployed anywhere behind the fortress walls accept in a captured objective area.

    Objectives: Atleast 8 noncombatants must survive. The evil player must capture any remaining objective areas in addition to killing the noncombatants. The noncombatants may attempt to move off the southern table edge. If less then 8 noncombatants survive, but the evil force is destroyed before they are able to capture all of the objectives the game is a draw.


    WTF doesn't anyone read articles anymore

    Wise Wanderer

    Hey man i like the campaign you have got going here, have you actually tested all these battles. Awesome ( i'm going for rohan )


    I haven't, among other things I lack the propper moddle range. I have a wood fort but no towers, and I don't have enough of either Rohan or Isenguard.

    Wise Wanderer

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