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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Battles In Eriagoin

Edit this page (last edited February 6, 2006)

Battles In Eriagoin


This scenario reprisents one of many Battles that took place in Eriagoin durring the second age. An army of Orcs is invading an Elven Haven. The defenders of the Haven have set up a defense in the surrounding woods.


Free People

This force consists of 16 high elven swordsmen with heavy armor , 16 high elven bowmen with heavy armor, 8 high elven spear men with heavy armor and sheilds, 12 wood elves with sword bow and armor, 6 wood elves with bows and swords, 2 standard bearers, Haldir with armor bow and sword, and Elrond.

Forces of Darkness

This force consists of 16 moria goblins with sword and sheild, 16 moria goblins with spears, 16 moria goblins with bows, two cave trolls with spears, 8 orc warriors with sword armor and sheilds, 8 orc warriors with spears, 8 easterlings with sword and shield, 8 easterlings with sheild and spear, 8 easterlings with bows two orc standard bearers two orc captains, an easterling cheiftain and two mounted nazgul.


The game is played on a 4/4 board. the western side of the board is a forrest and considered difficult terrain. The forrest extends outward 12 inches. The northern and southern edges of the board should have hills no more then 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall. The rest of the board is open with some occasional small hills, rocks, shrubs, or ruins.

Starting Positions

The Good force deploys anywhere in the 12 inchs of forrest including the forrests border out to three inches. The evil force deploys 24 inches away from the outer forrest edge.


The first force to reduced its enemy to 25% of its starting number wins.

Wise Wanderer


I like the idea of pitting the orcs against the elves, should make for an interesting battle. I have to say that the bad guys do seem to have quite an advantage in terms of forces having those cave trolls in there and far superior numbers, i don't have the books w/ me to check points values atm so they may work out the same but at a first glance it seems a tad unbalanced.

i c is that ur hobby kaliska ,lol, comentating peoples scenario's; soz 4 that wise wanderer! i think that u should make lists a bit clearer for ur "participants" otherwise 4 someone as ambitious as u im glad 2 c u still battle with mortals and freaks u should put sum pics if pos,by the way could u tell me how i could put my pic of "lurking in the woods" in its scenario? ungoliant

The numbers are equal. The elves have the advantage of the woods. A high elven battle line is difficult to break. The elven player does need to formulate a strategy to keep from getting destoryed. The most obvious is to set up the elves in a battle line with wood elves on the flanks to fire bows, then as the line begins to break fall back into the forrest and mop up the survivors.

Wise Wanderer
hi dude i think that u should take alook at my new pages ungoliant
Fair nuff, in which case nothing to say but nice work

(And @ ungoliant yep it is! I've not got the time to write stuff of my own atm cos uni & job & bf keep me pretty busy but i don't want to see this place die so i like to leave some comments around the place when I have the time)

i apreciate ur concern kaliska, but yes i just like 2 share ideas and edit sum of my own, not a month ive been here ive allready made 13 pages!gna!by the way what do u guys think of my new monster pages??? ungoliant

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