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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Battles Of The Simarillion

Edit this page (last edited October 28, 2006)

Since I've made so many Simarillion themed moddles I think I'll move them here. I'll be making some scenarios too.

  • Free peoples
  • Manwe
  • Aule
  • Orome
  • Hunting hounds of Orome
  • Tulkas
  • Yavanna Valar of life
  • Maiar
  • High elven Lords
  • Glorfindle of Gondolin
  • Eol the dark elf
  • Maeglin son of Eol
  • Beleg Strongbow
  • Turin Turambar
  • Beren
  • Luthien
  • Huan
  • Haleth
  • Thengel king of Doriath
  • Melian
  • Teleri of Doriath
  • Noldor of Gondolin
  • Elnaith Cavalry
  • Forces of Darkness
  • Morgoth
  • Gothmog King of the Balrogs
  • Glaurung
  • Horrors of Angband
  • Scenarios
  • the Chaining of Melkor
  • The Kin Slaying
  • Glaurungs defeat
  • The breaking of the leager
  • Orome's hunt
  • Triumph of the Valar the fall of Angband
  • Free peoples


                                                   Points Value: 1000

                                                   Might 4

                                                   Will: 7+2 free per turn

                                                   Fate: 5

    Fighting: 10 Strength: 8 Defense: 10 Attack: 3 Wounds: 5 Courage: 7

    Manwe is the Valar of air his bride is Elebereth. Manwe rules over all the other Valar.

    Wargeer: Manwe carrys a sword.

    Magical abilitys:

    Terrifing Auro: 2+

    Imobalize: 2+

    Ultimate sorceror's blast: 4+

    God of wind: 5+ Manwee creates a giant gust of wind to smite his foes. All units within 6 inches of Manwee recive D6 strength 3 hits and are blasted away one inch for each point of will Manwe has left. All moddles in their path recive a strenght 3 hit and are nocked to the ground unless they have a strength 6 or higher.


                                                                 Points value: 1000

                                                                    Might: 3
                                                                    Will: 7+2 free per turn
                                                                    Fate: 5

    Fighting: 10 Strength: 8 Defense: 10 Attacks: 3 Wounds: 5 Couarage: 7

    Aule created the dwarves frome stone against the Will of Illuvatar. At first Illuvatar wanted Aule to destroy them, but when Aule aproched with a hammer they recoiled in fear. Seeing that they were indeed true living things Illuvatar instead placed them in sleep under the mountains untill his first born the elves apeared.

    Wargeer: Aule carrys a great hammer. (+1 damaged hand weapon)

    Magical abilitys:

    Terrifing Aura: +2

    Paralyze: 3+ 12in

    Magic Forge: (dice roll special) Aule can create weapons and armor at will with his might over the materials of the earth. Roll a D6 Aule recieves that many power points to spend making equiptment for friendly units. When the move phase is over any unspent points are lost.

    1 point: Any wargeer of up to two points in value for infantry

    2 points: Any wargeer of up to 10 points in value for heros (no horses)

    3 points: A +1 damage weapon or a special banner for any hero

    4 points: A daggar of power

    5 points: A sword of power

    6 points: A stone giant (see my rules in the battle of the five armys section)

    Special rule: Father of the dwarves. All dwarves will automatically pass their courage tests if Aule is in the army.


                                                                                                  Points value 1000
                                                                                                  Might: 5
                                                                                                  Will: 7+2 free per turn
                                                                                                  Fate: 5

    Shooting: 3+ Fighting: 10 Strength: 9 Defense: 10 Attacks: 4 Wounds: 7 Courage: 7


    Orome a valar whos skills as a warrior are rivaled only by Tulkas. Orome is a great hunter of the evils of Morgoth. Skilled with the bow, spear and sword Orome is feared by all evil creatures.


    Orome carrys a great hunting spear, a Short bow(counts as dwarf bow) and Valaroma his horn Orome Rides his mighty white steed Nhar. Special rules

    Hunting spear(throwing spear): This weapon is no ordinary spear. Its design combine with Orome's strength make it extremely powerful. Orome's spear has a strength of 6.

    Nhar: Strengh: 5 Defense: 5 Attacks: 0 Wounds: 2 Courage: 7

    Nhar may move 12 inches per turn

    Valar and will: Since Orome is a Valar he has an almost unlimited capasity for magic. Thus he may expend 2 points of will per turn. without reducing his will store

    Valaroma: this great horn is lowder and greater than any other. Orome may use this Horn at the start of any move phase. When Orome blows it all good moddles pass any courage tests they may be required to take that turn. In addition all evil moddles must take a courage test Magical abilitys.

    Terrifing Aura: +2

    Cast Blinding light: 3+

    Transfix: 3+ 8in

    Wath of Nature: 3+

    Might of the Spear throw: 5+ This ability is employed when Orome is throwing his spear at an oponent he is charging, if the oponent is hit it automatically recives a wound.

    Hunting hounds of Orome

     Points value: 45

    F: 4 S: 4 D: 4 A: 2 W: 2 C: 6

    Hunting hounds of Orome

    With Orome often travel his mighty hunting dogs.

    Wargeer: The hunting dogs have no weapons. They are equipt with the armements of nature.

    Special rules:

    Mighty beasts: Hunting hounds of Orome do not recive a -1 penalty for having no weapons

    Loyal to Orome: The Hunting Dogs of Orome can only be used if Orome is in the scenario

    Smell: Hunting Hounds have an exellent sence of smell. All moddles withing 10 inches are considered to be in veiw.

    Speed: Hunting hounds move 10in per turn


                                        Points value 1000
                                                                                                    Will: 3+2 free per turn
                                                                                                    Fate: 4
    Fighting: 10 Strengh: 10 Defense: 10 Attacks: 6 Wounds: 10 Courage: 8


    Strongest of the Valar Tulkas is vertually undefeatable. He is joyful and laughs even in the heart of battle. Tulkas enjoys contests of strength and is a mighty foe.

    Wargeer: Tulkas fights only with his fists he rides no steed for he can outrun all things that walk on the earth.

    Tulkas's Prowess: Since Tulkas is so powerful he doesn't recieve any penaltys for not having any weapons.

    Swiftness of Tulkas: Tulkas can outrun all things that walk on land he may move up to 14 inches per turn

    Tulkas'e laugh: Tulkas's laugh is a powerful thing. At the begining of each move phase he may chose to use this laugh. All evil moddles must take a courage test. All good moddles automatically pass all courage tests that turn.

    Greatest of Wrestlers: Tulkas's favorite form of fighting is wrestling. If Tulkas wins an attack role against a foe in the fight phase he may chose to try to defeat it through wrestling. Both moddles are considered to be wrestling the evil moddle may not move. If Tulkas is not engaged in combat by another moddle a new fight occurs. If the evil side looses this fight Tulkas recives the double strikes bonus.

    Magical powers:

    Terrifing Aura: 3+ 10in

    Transfix: 2+ 10in

    Yavanna Valar of life

                                                             Points value: 1000

                                                              Might: 3

                                                              Will: 3+2 free per turn

                                                              Fate: 3

    Fighting: 7 Strength: 4 Defense: 10 Attacks: 3 Wounds: 3 Courage 7

    Yavanna is the Valar of nature and bride of Aule. She created all the natural wonders of middle earth as well as the great eagles and ents which guard them.

    Wargeer: Yavanna has no wargeer she is considered to be armed with a hand weapon.

    Magic abilitys:

    Terrifing Aura: 3+ 10in

    Transfix: 2+ 10in

    Compell: 3+

    Seize life: 5+ 15in same as chill soul

    Restore life: 5+ base contact. When Yavanna is in a scenario all slain moddels are left on the feild. If she is in base contact with them at the end of there move phase assuming she has not been charged she may restore one of their wounds bringing them back to life. When she does this she must expend either a point of might or an extra point of will to reprisent some of her strength that went into the healing spell. She may restore wounds to units that have not been slain. Only one wound may be restored per turn.

    Special rules:

    Mother of Nature: Yavanna created the ents and eagles as guardians of her creation. As such they bear great reverence for her. Ents and Eagles will never fail their courage tests when Yavanna is on the board.


                                                                                                    Points Value 150

                                         Might: 3

                                         Will: 4+1 free per turn

                                         Fate: 2

    Fighting: 7 Strength: 4 Defense: 8 Attacks: 2 Wounds: 2 Courage: 6


    Maiar are lesser Ainur that came to middle earth along with the Valar. They are beings of great power numerous in number. The most famouse among them are those that became the wizards and those that became balrogs.

    Wargeer: The Maiar wear finely made heavy armor and carry Elven blades.

    Special rules:

    Maiar and Will: not unlike Valar Maiar are inherently magical they may expend 1 point of will every turn without reducing their will store.

    Magical abilitys:

    Terrifing Aura: +3

    Cast Blinding light: +3

    Sorrcerors Blast: +5 12in

    High elven Lords

                                                                  Points value: 100

                                                                             Might: 3

                                                                              Will: 5

                                                                              Fate: 3

     Fighting: 7 Strength: 4 Defense: 9 Attacks: 3 Wounds: 4 Courage: 7

    High Elven Lord

    Gondolin, Doriath, Nargothrond once the greatest citys of the elves in middle earth, now only a memory. In these citys lived many lords of great power the greatest warriors Middle earth has ever seen. This profile reprisents the many named and unnamed lords who exist in the Simarillion.

    Wargeer: High elven lords wear the finest mithril armor and carry finely crafted elven blades. At an additional cost they may have the following items of wargeer.

    Sheild 5 points

    Horse 10 points

    Daggar of Power 25 points

    Sword of power 50 points

    Sword of power(counts as elven blade): Of these great blades few remain. Orchrist and Glamdring are two of these mighty swords. A sword of power glows when evil beings are near causing terror. If a natural six is rolled with a sword of power the unit using it wins automatically as though he had higher fighting (This ability does not count if the score was raised, or is gained by a reroll such as with a banner) If two units fighting each other have the same ability then the ability is ignored and the fight works out as normal.), in addition the sword gives the elven lord +1 strength.

    Daggar of Power: Sting is a daggar of power once used by the elves of Gondolin. Daggars such as these can be used to suplement the elven lords sword. This weapon adds 1 strength. A lord can not be given a daggar of power if he has a sheild.

    Special rules:

    magical abilitys:

    Wrath of nature 3+

    Glorfindle of Gondolin

                              Points Value: 140

    (for stats see shadow and flame)

    Glorfindle is one of the few elves to be reborn into the world from the halls of Mandos. Durring the first age he was almost as mighty a hero as he was durring the third.

    Wargeer: Glorfindle wears armor and carrys a sword for the aditional points he may be given the following equiptment.

    Mithril armor: 25 points +3 defense

    Sword of Power: 50 points

    Horse: 10 points

    Eol the dark elf

    Maeglin son of Eol

    Beleg Strongbow

                            Points value: 85

                                  Might: 3

                                  Will: 2

                                  Fate 1

    S: 2+ F: 7 S: 4 D: 5 A: 2 C: 7

    Wargeer: Beleg carrys his bow if Turin is not equipt with it Beleg may carry the Galvorn sword Anglachel, he wears leather armor.

    Anglachel: 15 points

    Anglachel: Anglachel is a magical sword made by the elf Eol. With Anglachel Beleg gains a +1 bonus to his attack and damage roll . If a natural 6 is rolled with Anglachel Beleg automatically wins the fight even if his fight value is equal to or lower then the enemys(This ability does not count if the score was raised, or is gained by a reroll such as with a banner) If two units fighting each other have the same ability then the ability is ignored and the fight works out as normal. Anglachel can also be equipted to Maglin, Eol, Or Turin, if two or more of these moddles are in play the weapon can only be equipt to one of them. Expert shot: To reprisent Beleg's skill as an archer he may make three shots per turn as aposed to one.

    Turin Turambar





    Thengel king of Doriath


                            Points value:

                            Might: 3

                            Will: 4+1 free per turn

                            Fate: 3

    F: 6 S: 4 D: 4 A: 2 W: 3 C: 7

    Melian is a Maiyar. She is queen of Doraith in middle earth.

    Wargeer: Melian carrys no wargeer

    Special rule:

    Maiyar and will: Melian may expend one point of will per turn without reducing her will store

    Queen of Doriath: Melian is reveared by here people. When she is on the feild Telire of Doriath don't need to make courage tests.

    Magical Abilitys:

    Terrifying Aura: 2+

    Effortless imobalize: 2+

    Wrathe of Nature: 4+

    Girdle of Melian: +4 this potent spell creates a web of shear confusion where ever Melian Desires. Any area within 6 inches of Melian is the target. This area remains affected as long as Melian has 1 point of will remaining. All enemy moddles atempting to move through this area must must make a random 50/50 dice roll or be Immobalized. Any moddles already in the area targeted must make the same dice roll. Every turn after that they may make another dice roll to attempt to exit the area. If they win this roll they always exit on the side closest to them. This effect lasts as long as Melian has atleast one point of will remaining.

    Teleri of Doriath

                                                                                                                                      Points value: 9

    S: 3+ F: 5 S: 3 D: 5 A: 1 W: 1 C: 5

    These warrior of Doriath took part in the first battle on middle earth against the forces of morgoth.

    Wargeer: Teleri wear armor of the finest quality and carry swords. At a aditional cost they may have the following items of wargeer.

    Elven Blade: 1 point

    spear: 1 point

    Sheild: 1 point

    Elf Bow: 2 points

    Banner: 30 points (1 per hero in same force)

    Noldor of Gondolin

                                        Cost: 12

     F   S  D  A  W  C
    6/3 4 6 1 1 5

    Wargeer: Noldor of Gondolin wear mithril armor and carry elven blades. They may have aditional wargeer for the following costs:

    Sheild: 1 point

    Spear: 1 point

    Elf Bow: 2 points

    Banner 30 points (1 per hero in same force)

    Speical rule:

    Elnaith Cavalry

                                                                                                Points Value: 13
    S: 3+ F: 6 S: 3 D: 5 A: 1 W: 1 C: 5

    Wargeer: Elnaith carry swords wear heavy armor and ride horses. At an aditional cost they may have the following Items of Wargeer.

    Sheild: 1 point

    Spear: 1 point

    Elf Bow: 2 points

    Banner: 30 points (1 per hero in same force)

    (note these rules don't just apply to Simmarillion elves)

    Forces of Darkness


                                                                                                   Points Value: 1000
                                                                                                   Might: 3
                                                                                                   Will: 6+2 free per turn
                                                                                                   Fate: 4
    Fighting: 10 Strength: 9 Defense: 10 Attacks: 4 Wounds: 6 Courage: 7


    Morgoth was once a good being but he grew evil with jealousy and a desire to be greater than he is. Morgoth delights in fire ice and destruction. He is the creator of all evil in middle earth.

    Wargeer: Morgoth wears heavy armor and a crown containing the three Simarils. Morgoth carrys a great mace (hand weapon special)

    Morgoth's might: Morgoths Mace is extremely powerful when he weilds it. When Morgoth wins a fight it addes +1 to his dice role for strikes.

    Master of evil: Morgoth has complete controle over all his minions. Evil moddels will automatically pass courage tests they are required to take if their force is reduced to on half its starting number.

    Terror: Morgoth is the incarnation of evil. He inspires Terror on all good units.

    Crown of the Simarils. Morgoths crown contains the three Simarils stolen from Valinor. These Simarils cause pain to all evil things. evil moddles within three inches of Morgoth at the start of their move phase must make a random dice role. if a 1 is roled the moddle recives a wound.

    Magical abilitys:

    Fire of Morgoth: +4, 10in one target moddle recives a strengh 10 hit all moddles within D6 inches of that moddle recive a strengh 8 hit

    Ice of Morgoth: +4, 6in one target moddle recives a strengh 9 hit if the moddle survives it is "frozen" the moddle may do nothing further that turn in a fight his fight value counts as 1 and he only roles one dice regardless of how many attacks he has. The moddle may still use might but it cannot make heroic actions.

    Chill soul: +5, 18in

    Gothmog King of the Balrogs

                                                                                           Points Value 600
                                                                                                          Might: 3
                                                                                                          Will: special
                                                                                                          Fate: 0

    Fighting: 10 Strength: 8 Defense: 10 Attacks: 7 Wounds: 10 Courage: 7

    The Original Gothmog was a powerful Balrog ruler over all of Morgoth's balrogs.

    Wargeer: Gothmog can manifest weapons from flame He may have no more than two of the following weapons.

    Flaming sword free: Hand weapons

    Flaming Wip free: Lash rule

    Flaming Cat of nine tails +20 points: may chose to make one strenth 5 strike on all oponents including those fighting through with spears.

    Flaming Mace +10 points: +1 on damage dice role

    Special rules

    Balrogs and will: Gothmog Always resists magical abilitys with will equal to the number of wounds he has left

    Evil mastery: All evil moddles automatically pass courage tests they are required to take for having their forces reduced to on half its starting number.


    Horrors of Angband

                                                  Points Value: 70

    Fighting: 7 Strength: 6 Defense: 3 Attacks: 3 Wounds: 3 Courage: 6

    Horrors of Angband

    In Angband the stronghold of Morgoth there were many great and terrible beasts of may varietys. Werewolves, Vampires, and all forms of abominations.

    Wargeer: the horrors of Angband are well equipt with all the beast weapons of nature. Claws teeth and thick hides. at an aditional cost you may chose for your horrors to be unique in some way.

    Highly potent poison 25 points: if a horror with this ability wins a fight it poisons one enemy. the Poisoned moddle Takes a strenght 5 hit every turn unless it uses will to resist the effect. The moddle may expend a point of will. Role a dice if a 4 is roled the moddle does not recive the strike

    Poison 20 points: if a horror with this ability wins a fight it poisons one enemy. the Poisoned moddle Takes a strenght 4 hit every turn unless it uses will to resist the effect. The moddle may expend a point of will. Role a dice if a 4 is roled the moddle does not recive the strike

    Vampiric 20 points: A vampire horror that wins a fight may choose to drain the blood of one moddle The Vampire may only use as many attacks as the moddel has wounds. For each wound caused by the Vampire it gains one wound its wounds may be increased beyond its starting number of wounds.

    Flying 15 points: Flying horrors 12" per turn and may move over all barriers and difficult terrain without penalty.

    Fast running 10 points: Fast running horrors move 10 inches as aposed to the normal 6

    Terrifing: The horror is a frightening abmomination it causes terror to all good moddles

    Wise Wanderer


    the Chaining of Melkor

    Description: Before the comming of the first born of Illuvatar the Valar attacked Morgoth's strong hold Angband killing many of his balrogs and capturing him.

    Participants: The good force consists of Manwe, Tulkas, and Orome

    The evil side consists of Morgoth and four balrogs

    Points match: this scenario makes no sense with any other forces

    Layout: The evil side sets up atleast six inches away from the northern table edge. The good side sets up at least 12 inches away. The terrain is mostly barren with some rocks and pits.

    Objectives: The good side must kill all four balrogs and Tulkas must defeat Morgoth in a wresting match. The evil side wins if it kills one of the Valar before both of these objectives are met. If the good objectives are met but one of the Valar are killed in the same turn the battle is a draw.

    The Kin Slaying

    Glaurungs defeat

    The breaking of the leager

    Orome's hunt

    Description: In the darkness of Morgoths Marring of middle earth Orome Road abroad in middle earth hunting down the evil obominations that plagued the younge world.


    On the good side are Orome and five of his hounds.

    On the evil side are A balrog, One flying horror, one vampiric horror, one poinsonous horror and 4 fast running horrors.

    Layout: the board is 36" by 36" Half of the board is forrested this is considered Difficult terrain. The separation between open and forrested runs east to west. The good side deploys on the western edge of the table the evil side deploys anywhere exept within six inches of the good side's deployment zone.

    Objectives: Orome and his hunting dogs must slay all of the evil Moddels by turn 12 at this point we assume that the horrors would have left the area by then out of fear of Orome's presence. The evil side must survive for twelve turns. If Orome is slain the evil side automatically wins.

    Special rules: If an horror leaves the table because it failed a courage test it is not considered a casualty. Orome means to slay these monsters not scare them off. If one, two or three horror's leave the board in this way but Orome slays the others the game is a draw, if four horrors leave the board the game ends and evil recives a minor victory. Note: the evil player may not simply move his moddels off the board they must be forced off.

    Triumph of the Valar the fall of Angband

    whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa cool would you show models pleeez and tell how to convert them and paint them -MACE

    Sorry mace I haven't converted or painted any of these. These are just profiles right now.

    Wise Wanderer
    aww.. arent Oromes puppys cyoot?

    Neix J

    Sigh! no one seems to care. I guess not a lot have read the Simarillion.

    Wise Wanderer
    I think the problems with these rules, is i know they have to be powerful to repersent the great warriors and heroes, however these heroes with high stats could only be used in large points match games, which can become boring when warriors die quickly and you end up with several hugely powerful figures battling to the death. I find some scenarios which revolve around heroes are good, but they are heroes that will fight well and kill lots of troops, but there is also the possibility of being killed by troops and not other powerful heroes. The rules, or the parts i have read seem to be good, but have you playtested any of these? Plus you havent put in the amount of wounds for several elven warriors.

    The Terrain Dude

    Nah they work fine. Your only suposed to use valar in a few scenarios. Not all of the stock troops will die early. I can't simply make the greatest warriors and the very gods of middle earth common soldiers. Sauron is nigh infallable no one questions him. The good side can't even contend with him. An army of ents or seige engins is the only way. Now good and evil are equipt with the power to fight one another's greatest fighters with equal chance of sucess. Missing wounds you say let me fix that.

    Wise Wanderer
    In sure the rules are good, but i doubt anyone will use them, you have to have a huge battle using 1000 or 2000+ points, Morgoth is 1000! For that you could field, Aragorn with Anduril and heavy armour, Gandalf the White, Prince Imrahil, Elrond, Elladan and Elorhir, Legolas, Gimli and some elven warriors as many as you can with bows. Now who do you think would win...

    I know this isn't a proper fight but in a points match you can use vertually any troops. If you do have two big powerful heroes on opposing sides, the trrops will die quickly, being taken out by the hero and then you end up with two giant heroes battling to their death.

    Well that is my oppinion on the matter.

    The Terrain Dude

    Not if you protect the troops. Also Morgoth would still win. Bows can barely scratch his defense. Only Aragorn would have a chance of inflicting a wound because Morgoth has four attacks four might and one free might every turn. Not even andruil is enough. I tried such a fight with Sauron and the good side failed miserably. I've added daggars of power for some infantry units I might also include mithril sheilds.

    Wise Wanderer

    Yeah, but consider this: using the current LOTR rules, if you have Tulkas for 1000 points against all the ones mentioned above - Aragorn with Anduril and heavy armour, Gandalf the White, Prince Imrahil, Elrond, Elladan and Elorhir, Legolas, Gimli, etc... Consider that, 18 attacks against 4. Will Tulkas EVER win a fight?

    I don't think that the current LOTR rules were written for these kinds of units.

    I reccommend either making them all a bit worse and less points or making some sort of rule that makes them able to school on the battlefield, not only one on one but against many foes.

    Bour Bon


    Yes, infact he will win most of the fights. His fighting is ten if he gets one six he wins, with his might he can almost gaurontee a win every turn. He can systematically kill every one of them. I've tried it with sauron. Those guys don't hold a candle to him. At best your looking at a fair fight.

    Wise Wanderer

    I don't know if this is really in the rules or not, but my friends and I play that, if you have more than 1 attack on both sides, then if you tie at the top you move down to the next attack. For example, a moria goblin captain would win against an elf captain if the goblin rolled a 6,5 and the elf rolled a 6,2. This rule makes it more fair exacly in those situations - when a hero needs only a six to beat ten enemies in a swordfight.

    You can either with those rules or the regular rules but with the regular rules there can be stupid situations such as 15 urukhai being beaten off every turn by aragorn.

    I don't think that units of this degree are supposed to be included in this Lord of the Rings game. You have already changed the rules a lot in making these units. I would reccommend starting from scratch and write new rules, or to alter the normal game rules a lot to play these scenarios. As far as I can tell, the method of fighting in this game - win a fight, then strike at the loser - seem to be oriented towards large numbers of foot soliders doing individual combats and not huge giants dominating the battle. Maybe warhammer or warhammer 40000 would have better rule sets, even though they're not lord of the rings.

    Bour Bon
    I agree, except in warhammer 40k for instance, one 150 point space marine could beat about fifty termaganets which total up to three hundred and fifty points.

    In certain scenarios, these guys will work out just fine, especially if you pair them up against each other. But, in games with two-hindred goblins against Tulkas, for example, things get stupid. Neix J speaks with wisdom when he stated that super powerful units can wreck the game. But, they can also be fun to play with in certain situations.

    Retarded Geek

    I'd feel a lot better if I knew sauron, the balrog and the mumakil got the same critisizem from you. If fighting works out the way you say then high attack units should cost less. The fighting ability is what makes them worth all those points.

    The rules aren't designed for anything. Monsters or infantry they're just for battles. No 200 goblins can't beat Tulkas by these rules unless they get really lucky, but should any number of lowly goblins be able to slay a god, I don't think so. If your smart you'll get two balrogs to take on Tulkas, or possibly Morgoth himself. Personally I wouldn't have made these so powerful if GW hadn't made Sauron and the Balrog so powerful, but they did so these units need to be strong enough to measure up.

    Wise Wanderer
    Actually, my friends and I did lower all heroes' points values by 25%, because heroes never seemed to pay off probably because we were using that rule

    Oh, and about the monsters fitting into this game - think about how fights are played out. In essence, it's a swordfight. Then whoever wins the swordfight pushes his enemy back and stabs at them with his sword. But if you have 20 men on one giant, a swordfight doesn't make sense. I'd picture the giant sweeping his arm around and knocking half of the enemies back 20 feet, like sauron does at the beginning of the first movie, then running around and squashing the rest with his feet. NOT fighting them in a swordfight and the winning the fight and they'd all back away a tiny bit. Especially if they're all crowding around him/her. With a unit like the balrog, their swords wouldn't even reach the balrog and they definately couldn't "parry" a blow by the balrog. The only way to wound the balrog would be to dart in and slash at its legs or chest.

    And, yes, I do think that the balrog, sauron, and the mumakil behave rather unrealistically with the current rules - like, I didn't see Eowyn going sword-to-trunk with the mumakil and beating it back from its rampage, and then darting in to take a slice at it. But I never play with these units as they are ridiculously espensive to buy (except sauron who is too unfair)

    Bour Bon
    You couldn't really wound the balrog with a sword. You would have to summon some super magical spell to even touch it. But, in the game the way it is now, aragorn with anduril (i have tried it, he almost always wins) can beat the balrog. I do agree with the fact that this game doesn't do justice to big monsters like trolls or any powerful unit that would kill tons in the movie.

    How come everybody (almost) has nine or ten strength, when the balrog king only has eight?

    Retarded Geek

    The balrog king isn't as strong as Tulkas or Morgoth, he's not in their league. I think trolls are quite powerful. I think andruil is absolutely retarded. Its just a sword, Narsil only gave free heroic actions, Now its suddendly the most powerful thing in the world, WTF, it should just cause terror or count as a banner or something.

    Wise Wanderer You were saying that the valar should not be powerful as the ywreck the game dont make them weaker as they are incredibly powerful in the book. I agree that anduril is too powerful kamad

    Oh I had no intention of listening to them.

    Wise Wanderer

    Have you conferted them yet if so how did you do it and have you painted them if so tell us that as well

    Orome is cool and his dogs are cool and his horn is cool and his spear is cool and his horse is cool

    If anyone can think of a way to convert something like this I'd love to hear it. I really can't think of a way to make the proper miniatures short of launching a miniature line. You might be able to find some Dn D miniatures that fit the description.

    Wise Wanderer

    I can make Tulkas' wife this model dosent have a profile but I made it and i will paint it soon. what you do is you get high elf with a sword above his head you chop of the sword handle and blade then get green stuff cover it over every were exepet from her hands head and feet. Then youput green stuff over the helmet and score lines down it so it looks like hair then do two parts of hair coming down and score lines in them to make hair. Painting paint everything exept from the head hair hands and feet regal blue do highlight of regal blue mixed with white paint her feet brown and all the flesh elf flesh with orange and her hair is black the base cover it in glue then cover it all in flock. what does dnd mean

    Orome is cool and his dogs are cool and his horn is cool and his spear is cool and his horse is cool

    Dn D = Dungeons and Dragons

    Wise Wanderer

    I don't think this one expansion can really encompas the full scale of the Simarillion. Infact I doubt GW could release an adequate edition of it. Perhaps it was hubris of me to have tried.

    Wise Wanderer

    wise wanderer ive got a nice link for you, cheap modles and realistic(xept shelob and the balrog of moria);look in"boxed sets";u can even buy on ebay -ungoliant

    i think that if u put sum dragons in the game to it would be good;if u lk in the storie u will see that most of the most powerfull guys die in a duel so u guys should stop critisizing WISE WANDERER b'cause he's just introd' us to another aspect of the game. i would call titanic duels
    Yeah, he's done a good job, but I think that the Lord of the Rings game brought out by Games Workshop was not really meant for this scale of game, so you would probably have 2 make a brand new game to play it well. Anyway, I think that Wise Wanderer did the best job you probably could do on a supplement like this.

    Legolasthe Golden

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