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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Butchers Of Isengard

Edit this page (last edited December 22, 2005)

The Butchers of Isengard

The Uruk-Hai villians that dare run openly through the lands of Rohan must now prepare for the tables to be turned as a force of riders of the Mark have them in their sights.


No one warrior was more loyal to his king than Gamling. Chief among the Royal Guard, Gamling was deeply troubled by the evil influence that had seemed to come over his lord. The king was now seemingly too inept to take action to protect his people from murderous rampages that were all too commonplace in his kingdom. It had become all too obvious to Gamling that the head of the wise, Saruman, once a formidable ally, was not to be trusted yet his lord was too blind. Loathe was the name Grahl, a merciless Uruk-Hai captain that was making his way through the hilly country north of Edoras waylaying any who were in the path of his murderous band.

Hoping to take matters into his own hands and save as many of his own people as he could Gamling would take personal command of a company of riders into the north and try to corner Grahl. After days of searching, Gamling and his company corner these Butchers of Isengard before a steep cliff where they have made camp one evening. Under a blood red moon, Gamling and his riders are ready to press forward and stamp out the marauding invaders once and for all.


Forces of Good

  • Gamling, mounted with Rohan standard
  • Rohan Captain, mounted with spear
  • 12 Rohan Royal Guard, mounted with spears
  • 12 Riders of Rohan

Forces of Evil

  • Grahl, represented by Uruk-Hai Captain with shield
  • 30 Berserkers

Points Match

Using the point values from the codex neither side, even with bonuses such as throwing spears, should exceed 500 points. No side should have more than 33% of their complement with shooting weapons.


  • 48" by 48", roughly 4x4 in feet
  • high terrain that covers 36" from the right table edge
  • cliff edge delineates board about 12" from the left table edge
  • Grassland and only natural obstacle is the cliff side itself

Starting Positions

Forces of Good

All forces deploy anywhere along right side of table, no more than 6" from right edge.

Forces of Evil

The evil side is camped 5" to the right of the cliff edge. They should be positioned in the mid-section of the cliff's edge taking up about approximately 12" for their encampment.


Gamling's forces have their enemy hemmed against the cliff edge so there is no hope for escape unless the evil forces can break the charge. So determined are the riders of Rohan that every enemy will be slain if victory is to be achieved. The evil forces are just hoping to break the wave of the attack and hope to drive the Rohirrim back in a retreat.

Good Victory

All enemy figures must be destroyed for a victory

Evil Victory

  • Slaying Gamling will force a draw
  • Reduce the riders to less than half of their complement

Special Rules

Any units pinned against the cliff edge must roll a 6d with the result (1-3) fall to their death, (4-6) pinned but steadfast.


I cannot take credit for this scenario, I actually found it on in the Gaming Havens section. Just as an FYI I highly recommend this website for devoted ringers as the Q&A section alone is worth a gander. The Gaming Havens author Saurons Wrath actually conducted an interview with Bruce Hopkins himself, the actor who played Gamling of Rohan in the Jackson movies. This scenario was included with the interview and Hopkins apparently has played this scenario several times with his kids. I like the terrain in this one as I am a newbie and the terrain seems as if it can be accomplished with simple foam and felt and maybe a small amount of painting on the cliff edge. This seems to be a good way to kick off my own personal foray into tabletop gaming since the table is reasonable size and can be made to look relatively good without alot of experience. I hope to include picks of Gamling and his riders in all their glory.

-Be Ren

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Edited December 22, 2005 (diff)
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