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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Campaign Idea

Edit this page (last edited June 5, 2006)

<u style="display: none;">... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... Welcome!!! Links: car insurance : auto insurance - [ auto insurance] : [Insurance car|] - [Insurance car|] : : [insurance quote] : [| home insurance] : "cars insurance" : auto </u>I have some ideas regarding the creation of scenarios, etc, for playing games. I will add some pictures, etc to this shortly, to describe my thoughts. I will also polish up my formatting later.

In my opinion (and I will be the first to admit that this is very limited within the miniature genre) the amount of possible scenarios is limited. I have been thinking of this and I think I have a solution.

There is currently a game for sale in Games shops called Lord of the Rings Risk (there are two variations... the Fellowship of the Ring, and the Trilogy versions). With the assistance of this, huge variation can be added to your campaigns.

Now, I only have the Fellowship of the Rings version to go by (owned by a nephew), so I assume that the Trilogy version is the same, just bigger (I will buy it later and update this with the info... unless one of you have this version and can assist before then). After setting up the board, etc, as you would normally do, you begin the game. When it comes to combat, you count the amount of troops each of you have in the battle, and instead of rolling the dice as you would normally process Risk battles, you retire to a separate gaming area.

Now it is really depending on your preferences... you could count each battle point on risk as 10, 100, or whatever for the strategy game. I think that making it 10 makes for a shorter game, yet is really up to you (I know in my games I am attacking with forces of 20 or more men at the start, and near the end it is 100-200 men per battle.. so it can get very big!). I choose 10 per point, so if the region attacked is being guarded by 2 points, you would quickly create a defensive force of 20 points (enough for a few elves). The attacker does the same with his points. You chose a terrain which corresponds with the terrain in the region on the board and play a battle out. If the battle occurs on the Lothlorien region of the Risk board, create the LOTR battle on a forested tabletop. I believe that in Risk, the defender has a slight advantage in combat. Some of you may agree. To re-create this the defender would be able to choose where he places his men first... giving him the advantage of choosing to take control of defensive walls and structures.

Now, on the Risk game there are power structures and fortresses. Helms Deep, Minas Tirith, Weathertop, etc. If one of these regions are the battle location, the defending force could start in the structure, giving them an advantage which they would gain in the Risk game. This, again, is optional. It would make things more realistic and allow the recreation of key battles in the game. In the Risk game the fortresses give the defender +1 to the roll. The benefits of holding these structures in LOTR would be a corresponding benefit. Power structures in Risk only allow the player to draw a special event card (mentioned below) when a Leader is present in the region at the end of the turn. They could be used, if you have the structures to represent them, Weathertop, etc, they could be used in the battles.

There are also Leader tokens for the Risk game. In the Risk game, they assist in battles when they are present in the attacking or defending army, giving the attacker or defender a +1 to the roll. These could be used in the LOTR battles by including a hugely powerful hero from the world.... King Aragorn could be counted as one of these, or perhaps more realistic would be some of the magical characters Gandalf, Sauron, Sauraman, etc. This would make the battles much more interesting and correspond with the bonus a Leader gives on the Risk game.

One aspect of the Fellowship version, and I assume the Trilogy version, is the Ring Marker. This marker is meant to represent the ring's process through the land. The game ends when the Ring marker reaches the Fires of Mordor. This could provide some interesting variation to the battles if you wished. Perhaps if the battle takes place in a region in which the Ring marker is currently located, the Good forces could have an additional few pieces... Frodo, Sam and Gollem (or whatever group of heroes was holding the ring at that point of the film) These would have the task of walking through the middle of the field, from one side to the other. The good player would need to protect them, the evil player would need to capture them (alive! This was one of Sauraman's orders in the first film and to make it fair and prevent the Enemy from simply shooting the poor hobbits, they need to be captures in melee combat). If evil captures the Ring, the Ring still continues towards Mordor, yet evil will win if it reaches its goal. Good needs to attack the Ring region to capture the artefact back for their own side. The group of evil units who captured the Ring would need to escort Frodo and the others across the field as in the above example. This would only be an optional addition to the game. It might be more easier or realistic to just use it as a marker for the game length, as the additional of this could confuse matters.

Another aspect of the Risk game is the event cards. These are cards which can create interesting effects in the game. These could be: Place an additional Leader token. This card would allow you to produce a new Leader, as mentioned above. You would need to specify which Leader it is before placing.


I think this is a very interesting possibility, it does make a game last alot longer... it makes it into a campaign. I am sure some of you die-hard players would be very interested in following the War of the Ring to its conclusion.

I will include some photos so those who are interested can see what I am talking about.


I like your idea but are you familiar with a boardgame called War of the Ring? I wonder if this boardgame might dovetail a bit more cleanly with your idea than LOTR Risk. Only because the game is already a tabletop hybrid and has a campaign look and feel, with event cards. Only thing is the combat rules are rather simplified so if the battles were resolved on a larger board representing a smaller territory using more pieces, it could make things very interesting.

Be Ren

I think this is a pretty good idea, I've got the Lord of the Rings Risk & I play the strategy game a lot too. I'm going to have to try this out


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