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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Death Comes From The Sky

Edit this page (last edited October 19, 2005)

Scenario by Marshall Of The Mark: Death comes from the sky

In a small area between the iron hills and erebor, a goblin war band has been on the rampage. Destroying everything, many innocent folk have been forced to flee their homes destruction as the rabble scour the area.
Fortunatly, their crimes have not gone unnoticed. A small band of dunadain, sent out on a mission to the area to safeguard the native inhabitants, have gathered and attack the party. Despite the loss of several of their number, they succeed in driving the band into a ruined expanse cut within a gorge, nowhere to run. The goblins have only several precious turns to break out of the trap before the eagles arrive to seal their doom.....

The good side consists of 1 Dunadain chieftain, 16 dunadain, and 3 giant eagles.

The evil side consists of 3 Goblin Captains, 10 Moria Goblins with shield, 10 Moria Goblins with spear, 10 Moria Goblins with bow and 6 Warg riders with throwing spears.

This game is played on a board 48 inches by 24 inches. On the western side of the table is mountainside (no escape from that edge), and a ruined expanse lies on the western board edge, 12 inches in diameter. The borders of the expanse are inpassable terrain, and the only exit is a 6 inches exit on the right side of the expanse. Place several ruins in the expanse.
The rest of the board is clear, apart from the occasional rocky outcrop.

Starting Positions
The entire evil force is placed withen the expanse. The dunadain are deployed at 6 inches from the expanse. The eagles are kept in reserve and not used untill later

If 25% or more of the evil force can escape the eastern board edge, the result is an evil victory. Anything else is a good victory

Special Rules

Caught in broad daylight, trapped, being shot at and teared apart by flashing talons, the goblins courage has broken, and it is only their captains who keep them together. If a goblin captain is killed, each remaining goblin and warg rider must test its courage. If failed, the goblin will flee in the opposite direction of the attacker, often back into the expanse. Once all captains have been brought down, the goblins will test for courage every turn, and all good models become terrifying enimies.

Death Approaches
At the start of turn 5, the eagles scream and enter the battlefield, eager to hunt down the terrifyed goblins. At turn 5, one eagle is placed withen 6 inches of the eastern board edge. At turn 6, another is placed, and on turn 7, the final bird of prey is deployed

Marshall Of The Mark

I belive you mean 25% or more. What you wrote means if more or less escape its a loss. It Should be just less.

Wise Wanderer

mi mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marshall Of The Mark

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Edited October 19, 2005 (diff)
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