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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Defending Osgiliath

Edit this page (last edited June 10, 2006)

Defend Osgiliath

This Is Quite A Fun, Nail Biting Game! It's Very Good for Beginners In LOTR Warhammer! It's One that I Made Up When I Was First Starting Out! I Thought of What Would of Happened if the Fellowship Had Never Been Formed So Boromir Would've Still Been Living & Then Saruman Joined Forces With Sauron to Destroy Minas Tirith!

-Captain Of Gondor

What You Will Need

*Osgiliath Ruin & Staircase (like the ones in my terrain gallery)

*Dice (Preferablly 3 Each)

*Tape Measure

*ROTK Rulebook


Evil Force
* 9 Uru-kai Warriors & Lurtz

Good Force
* 9 Warriors of MT (if u don't have them then just use some numoreans and men of rohan, Give them no Bows) & Boromir (fellowship stats)

Starting Positions

Uru-kai Are Deployed 6" Away From the Osgiliath Ruin & the Men of MT Are Placed 5" Away from it (players can decide which side there forces can be on but remember that the staircase must be on the evil forces side of the ruin just touching it making it so that the Uru-kai can climb them and reach the top platform of the ruin).

Uru-kai Tactics

When You start the Game Split Your Uru-kai Force In Half & Make One Half Go Up the Stairs to Launch A Suprise Attack on the WOMT Leaving the Other Half on the Ground As Bait to Make the WOMT Go Under the Balcony. After the WOMT go under the Balcony Send Down Your Uru-kai on the Other Side Blocking off All Escape. This will Increase the Chances of Trapping The WOMT Making them Suffer Double Strikes.

Warriors of Minas Tirith Tactics

If You Want to Avoid Being Trapped I Suggest You Simply Split Your Force Up Tricking the Uru-kai! Send half Your Force (Including the Captain) Around the Ruin Reaching the Other Side. Next Send the Rest of Your Force Under the Balcony Distracting the Uru-kai from your other Force. Then Send the Force With Your Captain Up Behind the Unexpecting Uru-kai!

Winning the Game

Simply Destroy Your Opponents Force Completely!


Well I Hoped You Like Playing This Scenario & I Hope to Be Posting Picture & Battle Reports Soon!

-Captain Of Gondor


This seems unbalanced, boromir could bring down the uruk cap and most of the uruks by himself. Especially if it was Boromir captain of the white tower. give some orcs to evil. maybe an orc cap. im will try this scenario sometime, ill give my friend whos new to lotr good and ill be evil.

The Terrain Dude
Not Really! When I Was Versing My Friend I Beat Him Both Times When I Was Evil! & Now He hardly ever Wants to be the Good Side (only if he gets high-elves). But I Will Change the Uru-kai Captain to Lurtz Because thats What Me & My Freind really Use. And Also the Uru-kai Are Pretty Hard to Wound Because of there Defence! BTW I Meant the Stats for the Fellowship Boromir.

One other thing what size board is it played on?

The Terrain Dude
I Just Used A Small Table!

-Captain Of Gondor

Good idea but when i played it boromir died

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Edited June 10, 2006 (diff)
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