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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Elfaloth And Silralon

Edit this page (last edited November 17, 2005)

New Scenario= Elfaloth and Silralon: Sacrifice in Lothlorian

Having watched the film BLACK HAWK DOWN, i wanted to relive the scene with the two Delta snipers at the crash site fighting off hundreds of enimies for a Lord of the Rings game. Ive made a "what-if" case, where two noble elves, Elfaloth and Silralon, find a badly wounded and crippled elf by an ambushed supply line. Orcs converge on the site, and the two try to fend off the dozens of enimies by themselves for as long as they can.


  • Elfaloth (Elf Marine armed with elven bow and elven blade and wearing armour)
  • Silralon (Elf Marine armed with elven bow and elven blade and wearing armour)

  • 1 Orc Captain
  • Countless Orc Militia (whatever arms)

The game takes place on a battered part of Lothlorian. Trees are burnt down and landscape ruined. Place a perimeter 8 inches in diameter in the middle of the board. Fill it with ruins and debris for Elfaloth and Silralon to mount a defensive position.

Starting Positions
The crippled elf is placed in the center of the board. He is nothing more than a piece of scenary for this game. The two elven marines and placed next to him (they have just tended his wounds). The orc militia are placed surrounding the ruined site, and may deploy up to 10 inches from the perimeter.

The good player wins at least one marine is still alive after 20 turns. Its likely that reinforcements would have turned up, and the wounded elf saved.
If both marines are killed before the 20 turn mark, the evil side wins. The site would have been overrun, elven bodies mutilated, and the wounded elf carried off and tortured to death.

Special Rules

ELVEN MARINES= These stoic elites have the same profile as an elven captain. However, they can shoot three times in the shoot phase, and have a courage value of 8. Marines cause terror in evil models with a courage value less than 4.

ORC MILITIA= These vermin are even cruder than the average orc warrior. Their defence value is 3 without a shield, and 4 with a shield. As mentioned before, they have to pass a courage test if they wish to charge either of the two elven heroes.

COUNTLESS MILITIA= As mentioned in the participants list, the number of orcs is huge. If an orc is slain (im sure lots will!), the evil player can doploy dead orcs on the board edges at the ned of the turn. In the following turn, the orc can act as normal.

TO THE END= Elfaloth and Silralon know what will happen should their wounded comrade fall into orcish hands. They will defend him to the last, and will never leave the confines of the ruined site while they still fight

Marshall Of The Mark

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Edited November 17, 2005 (diff)
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