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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Elfhelms Ride

Edit this page (last edited August 31, 2005)

Elfhelms Ride

Author: The Terrain Dude


'Ahead nearer the walls Elfhelms men were among the siege-engines, hewing, slaying, driving their foes into the fire-pits.' -The Return of the King

When I got The Battle of the Pellenor Fields supplement, I was very dissapointed with the lack of scenarios featuring the charge of the Rohirrim, only 1-The horse and the Serpant. There was another featuring Eomer, but he is only part of the mixed good force, so here is one of my scenarios which can be used to depict other parts of the great battle. So here is one in which Elfhelm leads his men towards the walls and through the siege engines!

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    The Free Peoples: Elfhelm (mounted with shield), 1 rohan captain mounted with a shield and armour), 3 mounted Rohan Royal Guard (mounted with throwing spears and 12 Riders of Rohan (4 with spears).

    For this game you will need to use my stats for for elfhelm from this page: Gaming/House Rules/Extra Rohan Warriors Use the mounted Theoden model from the Rot K.

    The Forces of Darkness: 2 orc captains with shields, 24 orcs (4 with bows, 4 with two-handed weapons, 8 with shields and 8 with spears) and 2 Mordor War catapults (with 3 crew and 1 mordor troll on each).

    Points match

    This scenario can be used to play another 'Destroy the Engines' scenario. Use 400 pts for the good force, which must include at least two heroes, 200 pts of siege equipment for the evil side and 250 pts of warriors and heroes again including two heroes. Feel free to add upgrades to the siege engines just add these to their points.


    This battle takes place on a 4' by 4' board. Firstly evil dploy the siege engines and crew exactly 6 inches from the south edge and then the orcs and captaind deploy 12 inches from the south edge. Elfhelm and the riders deploy up to 6 inches from the north edge.


    For the good side to win they must either:
    • Kill all the evil warriors and heroes or
    • Destroy the siege engines
    Evil must destroy all of the good side before they achieve one of their winning conditions.

    Special Rules

    For Gondor! If a good model attacks a siege engine they count as having a strength 6 to show they are drawing all their inner strength to help their allies in Gondor!


    For evil use the siege engines while Rohan charges, using the trolls to fire twice and then go up and stop the heroes. For good use your extra movement and extra attacks to try and make a break in the orc lines and charge all your troops through it. Avoid the trolls or send riders to pin them in place while you send your heroes to destroy the siege engines.


    Please feel free to add your comments and oppinions below so I can improve any faults in the scenario.

    - The Terrain Dude

    -Citadel Guard
    Cool it's just like the book described it. I can't wait to get 6 more riders, then i can play this scenario. COOL

    Glad you like it!

    -The Terrain Dude

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