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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Elrond Had Turned Against Isildur

Edit this page (last edited August 28, 2006)

What if Elrond had turned against Isildur

By the Captain Of Gondor


This scenario revisits the bit in the Fellowship of the Ring movie where Isildur refuses to destroy the One Ring. But what if Elrond had attempted to push Isildur into the fire? You will soon find out!


On the good side is Elrond and on the evil side is Isildur with the Ring


Isildur is in the center of the Cracks of Doom standing on the bridge and Elrond is deployed at the entrance of Mt.Doom.


To play this scenario you will need a Mt. Doom terrain peice.


Elrond Must Get Isildur On the edge of the bridge & Then Fight Isildur in Close Combat. If Elrond Wins the Combat Then Isildur is Pushed Back 1" Falling to His Fiery Doom! For Isildur to Win He Must Also try and push Elrond into the fires of Mt. Doom. If Elrond or Isildur are killed in close combat but not by falling into the fire then it is consided a draw.

Special Rules

When either player has been knocked back 1 inch off the bridge they are considred to be holding onto the bridge. If the attacking player successfully wounds the opponent, the opponent must roll a D6. On a roll of 4+ the victim pulls himself up onto the bridge and stands up but still being wounded.


Isildure would have gone invisible and escaped.

Wise Wanderer
When you think about it tho, the bridge on mount doom is pretty thin, if Elrond thrashed around wildy with his sword hed have a chance of nocking him off... Plus, footprints culd tell him where Isildur was.

Neix J

Yes but Isildur would have the advantage of invisibility. Plus the ground was probably less foot printy. Be sides Isildur was a hero you can't just go around killing Numenorian hero's.

Wise Wanderer
Wise Wanderer you have to remember its a what if scenario. This means you can alter things and add stuff in so it doesnt have to be totally realistic! I think its a great idea! I may make some terrain so i can play it properly.

The Terrain Dude

I know. Also there's a little descrepency watch the scene again Isildure is behind Elrond with a clear path of escape. I guess this makes one behind the other.

Wise Wanderer
Well I suppose that Ilsildur could have gone right to the edge then decide not to throw it in. Who knows?

The Terrain Dude

I am relatively new to tabletop gaming and have just recently acquired the core rules but I have been a fan of Tolkien for some time. I can say that within the context of the books there is no evidence that either Isildur or Elrond went to Sammath Naur. However, I know that Games Workshop has taken inspiration more from Peter Jackson's movies than the book and I am familiar with the scene from the movie. The only thing I question is does the codex of rules justly cover the influence of the ring? It's clear within the context of Tolkien that no mortal being, not even Elrond who was half elven would have been capable of dispatching Isildur while he was wearing the ring. The ring bestowed powers according to its possessor so although it may have bestowed invisibility to a hobbit, in the hands of a Gondorian king, heir of the line of Numenor, it was probably not something that Elrond could have simply taken by force from Isildur. Isildur was later slain by orc arrows but remember it was after the ring had "betrayed" him and left his hand. I just wonder if there are specific rules within the codex that reflect the ring's influence as I said or if you just wanted to have Isildur without the ring go toe-to-toe with Elrond. That would be an interesting match up however I think Elrond definitely was much, much older and probably has a few more tricks up his sleeve than just simple sword play.

Be Ren

No not so much. Basically it just makes the wearer invisible. In the hands of sauron it keeps bringing back lost wounds, in order for sauron to die he needs a 1 on a dice roll after all his wounds have been depleated. Maybe Isildur should be able to use the ring in such a way.

Wise Wanderer

NO! It(The One Ring) does not:"just make the wearer invisible." It grants power according to stature as Be Ren stated. So by your logic Gandalf and Galadriel were both frightened of becoming "just invisible"?!Oh the horror of it all! Two powerful icons of the Third Age quivered at the potential to sneak into locker rooms unnoticed, and steal wallets unchallenged!!

If I recal it gives powerful wearers the ability to infulence those who wear the other rings of power. Those with the Nine were turned to wraiths. Dwarves became greedy and built up treasure troves which attracted dragons. The one had no effect on the elven rings.

Wise Wanderer

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