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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Extended Pelenor Fields

Edit this page (last edited June 11, 2005)

here is a scenario you might want to play

Description: The defenders of minas tirith have a newfound hope with the arrival of the rohirrim and the dead have enlightened their spirits but the haradrim and their war mumaks have filled them with a new fear.

Participants : The good army consists of Gandalf the white, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, the king of the dead, Merry, Pippin, Theoden, Eomer, Eowyn, 3 captains of Gondor, 2 captains of Rohan, Gamling, 10 rangers of the north, halbarad, Beregond, prince Imrahil, 36 riders of Rohan (12 are armed with throwing spears) 12 Rohan royal guards on horse, 36 warriors of Minas Tirith (12 with bow, 12 with spear and shield, 12 with shield) 12 guards of the fountain court, 12 knights of Minas Tirith, 20 warriors of the dead, 6 knights of Dol Amroth on horse, 12 knights of Dol Amroth on foot, 15 citadel guard with bow and 10 citadel guard with spear, 2 avenger bolt throwers (upgrades: engineer captain, swift reload) and 2 battle cry trebuchets (upgrades: engineer captain, flaming ammo) 2 men of minas tirith, one knight of minas tirith, 2 riders of rohan, 1 royal guard, 2 citadel guard and one guard of the fountain court may be given banners.

The evil side consists of the witch king on fell beast, 4 ringwraiths on fell beast, 5 orc captains, 3 uruk-hai captains, 2 easterling captains, 4 harad chieftains (only 2 on horse), troll chieftains, 2 harashin, gothmog, 72 orcs (24 with hand weapon and shield, 24 with spear, 12 with orc bows, 12 with 2-handed weapons), 36 mordor uruk-hai (all with 1 or 2 handed weapons), 5 mordor trolls, 15 warg riders (5 with throwing spears, 5 with orc bow, 5 with sword and shield), 18 easterlings (9 with shield, 9 with spear and shield), 2 mumakils (one with muhad chieftain, one with tusk weapon), 60 warriors of harad (36 with bow and 24 with spear), 15 harad raiders (5 with lances), 10 orc trackers, 36 manorannon orcs, 3 mordor war catapults (upgrades: engineer captain, flaming ammo), 2 mordor siege bows (any one upgrade each). 6 orcs, 2 mordor uruk-hai, 1 warg rider, 2 easterlings, 3 warriors of harad, 1 harad raider and 1 manorannon orc may be given banners.

Points match: To play this game with other points, choose about 2000-3000 points per side

Layout: This game takes place on a board 6foot by 4foot with 2 sectors of minas tirith on one thin end of the board. Other than that there is very little scattered scenery scenery.

Starting position: The good player deploys all gondor and dol amroth forces within the walls of minas tirith, the rohirrim are then deployed within 12inch of minas tirith and all remaining good models within 12inch of the opposite board edge. The evil player then deploys his models at least 18inch away from any good models.

Objectives: The first side to reduce its enemy to 25% of the starting forces is the winner. The game is a draw if both sides achieve this in the same turn.

Special rules: Trapped: the evil side is in a bad position. It is trapped between two good armies. To represent this, the only evil models that can call heroic actions or declare a stand fast roll are the ringwraiths and the witch king. In addition, all good models have 12inch for stand fast and 6inch range for banners.


I know i made this section, but i hope that that is okay. First, where is the origional scenerio, as this one is the "extended" edition? Also, this would be a fantastic battle, but a bigger table wouldn't hurt along with smaller or at least less expensive forces. The Good side's force would cost approxamately $1,000, not including taxes. I didn't even bother to count the evil side. But it still sounds cool. if you ever get around to playing this battle, be sure to post a report on this site.

Retarded Geek
Interesting. Pictures would be a nice addition. I'm renaming it without spaces, and moving it to the Scenarios section.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited June 11, 2005 (diff)
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