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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Fords Of Bruin

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Fords Of Bruin

  • Fords Of Bruin
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  • Description

    The Nine ring wraiths have been caught by the enchantment of the river Bruin. Now the survivors must try to fight their way back across.


    Free People:

    Aragorn Glorfindle Merry Pippin Sam

    all on foot

    Fources of Evil:

    9 mounted ring wraiths


    The board has a river covering ten inches of the easter side. The rest of the board is clear with some scattered trees and hills. The evil force deploys in the river no more then three inches from the edge. The good force deploys on the oposite side directly across.


    The evil player wins if four wraiths escape off the western table edge. The Good force wins if it can kill six ring wraiths before the rest escape. If the entire good force is slain the evil side wins.

    Special rules

    The River: The river is under enchantment, every turn at the begging of the move phase any moddles in the river receive a strength 4 hit. If this hit scores a wound the moddle is swept away by the river, remove it as a casualty. The ring Wraiths horses receive this strike as well as the ring wraiths themselves.


    Let me know your results

    Wise Wanderer

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