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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Girdley Island

Edit this page (last edited March 28, 2005)



Good -

4 Hobbit Militia, 4 Hobbit Archers, Farmer Maggot, Grip, Fang and Wolf,


6 Ruffians with whip, 3 Ruffians with bow,


On a 48" by 48" gaming board. There is a Hobbit-hole in the centre of the board, two other buildings are near the north west and south eastern corners and should be aroung 8-10" from the Hobbit-hole. Trees should be scattered and made into small thickets and copses around the board to provide cover. Rubble such as rocks (large and small), barrels and carts are ideal. The weather is cold, and it is around 12 pm.

Starting Positions

The Good player deploys roughly half of his troops in the south-west corner and the other half in the north east corner of the board. The Evil player places 3 Ruffians of his choice to guard the central Hobbit-hole. The remaining 6 Ruffians are divided between the two outer huts or buildings, they are sleeping.


The Good player must carry 4 bags of supplies from the Hobbit-hole in the centre and one from each of the outer buildngs to the south-western corner to achieve victoy.

The Evil player must prevent this from happening.

Special Rules

Traps - The Good player places 3 Snares, 3 Trip Wires and 3 Pits within six inches of each of his corners.

Knocked Unconcious - Hobbits are unwilling to kill for food, although they would in desperate times, this raid is merely an act of vengeance not desperation. To represent this, Ruffians wounded are knocked unconcious and can only be awoken by a roll of 6. This is also the case for the Ruffians, they will not kill the Hobbits, instead, they will arrest them and bring them back to the Lockholes with an evil pleasure of hearing them beg for mercy.

Sentires - Each turn, roll 1d6 for each Ruffian who is awake (at the beginning only 3).

1 = Stands still 2-5 = Player with Priority moves the Sentry 1d6 inches 6 = Evil player moves Ruffian 6" as normal

Raising the Alarm - A hobbit can be seen by a patroling Senty through the following ways:

- Sentry is hit but not knocked unconcious by an arrow - Sentry awakes after being unconcious - Enemy model within 4" of a concious sentry - A conscious Sentry model is within 4" of an unconscious friendly model

Reinforcements! - Once alerted, the Evil player can roll a die for each model asleep in the outer buildings. On a 4+ they are summoned on that move phase, yet cannot move until the next turn. On a 1-3 they ignore the alarm and fall back to sleep!

Supplies - Hobbits carrying Supplies move normally, yet Hobbits carrying two move half (2"). Hobbits are not muscular enough to carry any more than 2 supply bags!

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