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Gaming/Community Scenarios/In The Dead Of The Night

Edit this page (last edited July 7, 2005)

In The Dead of the Night

Author: HaradWarstudier?

Shadows flutter and wisp past their eyes in the dead of the night, as the Men of Gondor prepare to camp in Haradrim land.


The Men of Gondor sit huddled around their fire in the deadly cold night, telling stories of Mystic Assassians and Magical Shamen who roam these lands, Lord Borromir senses a shadow behind him and a voice whisbers in his ear, so silently it is almost unheard " Watch your back Boromir of the White Tower" he turns around drawing his blade, but alas only shadows and darkness remain. .

This scenario was made in order to show the power of stealth and of the Hasharii.


The Free Peoples:Boromir w/sword, horn and shield, 6 Warriors of Minas Tirith ( armed as you wish), Four Rangers of Gondor. etc.

The Forces Of Darkness: One Hasharii

Points Match

This is not suited with any other warriors I think, maybe some thing else (I want to say Elves.....).


A 120 by 120 cm board with a small camp in the middle and a camp fire around set as much terrain to show a harad desert also add loads of rocks and rubble for the hasharii to hide behind.

Starting Positions

The Hasharii starts touching any board edge Boromir and the Rangers are set sleeping around the fire the other warriors of Gondor are set no further than 20 cm from the campsite .


//Good? Team : Win: the Hasharii is seen and Boromir( off the oposite edge the hasharii started on) escapes, Draw: Boromir is slain but the Soldiers avenge him. Evil : Win: If the Hasharii kills Boromir and escapes ( off the starting table edge), Draw: Kills Boromir but is slain. Either side lose if the oposite side completes their victory conditions.//

Special Rules

The Warriors are first posted as sentries, to reperesent them wandering the camp when moving, a d-6 is rolled on a 123, the evil side moves it. 456 Good side moves it. The sentries may be given torches this lets them see 14 cm infront of them instead of the normal 7 in darkness. The akarm is raised when a Sentry is within fourteen cms of the Hasharii and can see him properly( elven cloak thingy)and is not in combat. If a Warrior moves into fourteen cms of the Hasharii has two choces it must either charge or flee in the oposite direction from the sentry ( if it can).In fight if the Hasharii kills he must roll a d-6 on a roll of 1234 the warrior calls out before his death alerting the others and rouses the alarm on a 5 or 6 he is killed silently. If a warrior is charged by the Hasharii the Hasharii can roll a D-6 on a 6 he kills instently( he must still sound check)he can also do this for sleepig moddles. If the alarm if raised all moddles move as normal. .

== Comments==

I was sitting at this internet cafe cross Gaming Shop, and I tried out your scenario, I reckon that It needs the Presence Of a Mumak, Don't You. It actually Made Escaping for Boromir Harder

Bab Y123
I dont think the mumak really suits the scenario i mean a 50 foot elephant monster isnt very stealthy now is it??

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Edited July 7, 2005 (diff)
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