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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Journey Of The Rangers

Edit this page (last edited May 1, 2006)

Journey Of The Rangers by TheTerrainDude


The Rangers of Gondor have to be my favourite warriors in the whole of the Lord of the Rings books, so when i got the siege of Gondor supplement, I thought it would be brilliant if they made another about a group of rangers travelling to minas tirith to aid Gondor before the great siege. Then I thought of several scenarios for rangers, so i joined them together and that's how I made my own supplement, which I have played many times.

This supplement is basically about a small group of rangers who have been instructed to return to minas tirith, however along the way they are attacked many times by a small army of orcs led by the merciless Ungbar.

Special Rules

Hi, There arn't generally any special rules which apply to every scenario, just ones to the induvidual scenarios which are included in the scenario descriptions.

The Free People


Boroling (Man)

Points Value: 95
  F     S     D     A     W     C    M 3
 5/3+   4     4     3     3     5    W 1
                                     F 2

Boroling is one of the greatest captain of rangers and it is up to him to stop orc inavasion along one side of the anduin.

Boroling has a sword and a bow but has no armour. Extra items can be given to him from below: Armour 5pts Heavy Armour 10pts Arrow of Arnor 50 pts

Armour gives boroling +1 defence, heavy armour gives Boroling +2 Defence

Arrow of Arnor
If boroling carries the arrow of arnor he can use it once per game, if it hits an evil warrior (it doesnt have to kill them) boroling can use the arrow of arnor, the victim must pass a courage test each turn if they fail they lose a wound but do not run.

Arli (Half Elf Half Man)

Points Value: 75
   F     S     D     A     W     C    M  2
  4/3+   3     5     2     2     5    w  3
                                      F  1

Arli's mum was an elf, his dad a ranger of gondor, he has followed in his fathers footsteps and hopes to command his own band of rangers.

Arli carries a sword and bow and has no armour but extra items can be given to him from below:

Elven Armour 25 pts If Arli weras elevn armour his defence is increased by 2

Special Rules

Fast Fire
Arli is an expert with his bow and is his main choice in weapons, so therefore he is allowed to fire twice in the shoot phase!

Special Rules
Fury of the Elves
Arli will automatically pass any courage test he has to take!


Refer to lord of the ring manual for warriors of Minas Tirith and rangers of Gondor information.

Forces of Darkness


Ungbar (uruk hai)

Points Value: 100
   F     S     D     A     W     C    M  3
  5/-    5     6     3     2     4    W  1
                                      F  1

Ungbar is one of Mordors greatest fighters on offer, he has lead numberous assaults upon parts of the anduin and his name is spreading far and wide drawing more orcs to him from klesser forces.

Ungbar carries an uruk blade and a two handed axe (he can use either in the fight phase) and wears Mordor Heavy Armour.


Refer to Lord of the Rings manual for records on orcs, mordor uruk hai and mordor trolls.


Orcs marching through forest, up to rangers to stop them. Good= Boroling, Arli and 7 rangers Bad= Ungbar and 16 orcs

Orcs start on northern board edge, rangers start on east side edge of river anduin on west side. Bad win if Ungbar makes it across to the sourthen table edge.

Special rules

Good get priority in first go and can fire bows once in movement phase and shoot phase in first turn.

Scenario 1: Take the forest

Orcs start by objective marker in centre of board, rangers start in north have 10 turns to take objective marker (must have most figures in a 3 inch radius at end of tenth turn. Good= Boroling, Arli, 10 rangers and 6 warriors of minas tirith. Bad= Ungbar, 12 orcs and mordor troll.

Scenario 2: Keep the forest

Now Boroling and Arli have taken the objective marker in the centre of the board they must keep it for 10 turns to win (more good than bad in 3 inch radius after 10 turns) orcs start at western board edge. Good= Boroling, Arli, 4 rangers, 4 minas tirith bad= Ungbar and 10 orcs

Scenario 3: Save the shore

Orcs and uruks under the lead of an ungbar are in orc rafts and starting in river, ungbar and 9 warriors must crooss the board from the east edge to the western board edge to win. Boroling and Arli must prevent htis. Good= Boroling, Alri, 6 rangers and 6 warriors of minas tirith Bad= Ungbar 9 orcs and 9 uruks + 2 boats

Scenario 4: The boats are coming

Boroling and Arli have made it to Osgiliath where Ungbar is leading an attack. Good=Boroling, Alri, 10 rangers 12 minas tirith Bad= Ungbar, 9 uruk, 15 orc and 2 trolls+ 2 boats 12inch wide river at eastern board edge bad start in river in boats men start 24 inches from western board edge, trolls do not start on board but at bottom edgewhere they are kept as reserves.

This is a fight to the death, each side must wipe out other side to win

Special Rules

At start of each go evil roll 1 dice if a 6 is rolled then they may bring on one of the two trolls, if all evil are wiped out and there is still one or two trolls left9not derployed on the board) , the trolls become casualtys and the good win.

Scenario 5: Sacrifice for the city

Boroling and 5 rangers of gondor must prevent 50% of the bad reaching the western edge of the board in a desperate battle to make time. Bad=Ungbar, troll & 36 orcs Boroling and rangers start in centre of board bad start on eastern edge.

Special rules

To the End
In this scenario boroling calls out all his inner strength he has 4 attacks 4 wounds 6 might 4 will 4 fate and counts as terryfying to all enemys.
Last stand
all good automatically pass any courage tests.

Epilogue: Make for the city

A small group of gondor soilders led by arli and Boroling must make it to the city walls. Good start on western board edge evil start in centre good must get to eastern board edge. Good= Boroling, Arli, 4 rangers and 4 minas tirith bad= Ungbar 24 orcs 2 trolls 10 uruk

 Sorry the scenarios are a bit vague and there are no pictures but in the future i will some.
+Later i hope to add the expansion pack i have written which carries on the journey of Boroling and arli (if they survived) which concentrates on how the helped in the great siege of minas tirith, well it was what they set out to do!!!Please add your comments about my idea for a supplement below!


Your half elven dude is kinda far fetched. Ithillian is very far away from Lorien. Half elves are rare you can't just throw one in. Also your fury of the elves rule is unfair because normal elves or even most elven hero's don't get such a bonus. Also he shouldn't be able to get elven armor since he spent all his life in Gondor.

Wise Wanderer

Pretty much what Wise Wanderer said, but also I feel that having a Ranger that is better than Faramir is a little, well... wrong. It just doesn't seem right to make sense to me. Faramir was the best of the rangers in the books and movies, so why shouldn't he be the best ranger in the game. Also the might points on the characters are alittle too high.

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

I made tham very strong, Arli because elfs are better than men, Boroling to show that he is very exsperienced and also they have to survive in most of the scenarios. I made Ungbar extra strong so there is somebody to challenge the good leaders and as rangers are better than orcs, the orcs needed somebody strong to lead them to battle.

Also when did i say Arlis mum was from Lorien, she was from Rivendell and his father met her when he was helping to protect the area around Rivendell. She then returned with him to Gondor where Arli was born. Later at the right age he joined his father in guarding the banks of the Anduin south of Minas Tirith. As for the elven armour it was an heirloom from his mothers side, passed on to him when he became a ranger.

The Terrain Dude

Sigh. Look the Rangers that gaurd Rivendel are completely different from the Rangers of Gondor. I said Lorien because it was the nearest stronghold of elves. It is stated many times in the men of the west hadn't had dealings with elves in many years. Arli should be an adult by now. Also he isn't just better then men he's better then elves as well. And Fury of the elves makes no sense the only elf that automatically passes courage tests of any kind is Gilgalad. And Gil Galad still has to take courage tests if his force is reduced by half or if he is alone. You can't just make Arli the bravest elf that ever lived just because he's an elf. He should be less brave then most elves since he's tainted by human blood. And just so you know I'm totally against completely makeing up characters that aren't captains.

Wise Wanderer

If you think Arlis strong look at the characters stats you wrote. I agree with Neix J they're too strong!!

The Terrain Dude

Yes, but the characters Wise Wanderer are based on actual characters, and are not made up, only the rules are. The thing with his stats, in my opinion, is that they are too weak to represent the characters, yet too strong for the game. They don't really suit the game, as their race (when speaking of the Ainur, or god like creatures, such as Morgoth, Gothmog, Tulkas and Orome the Hunter) were the second beings ever to exist, after Illuvatar, or Ainutar in Sindarin. They hold more power than anything else in Middle-Earth. The Balrog we see or read of in the Fellowship of the ring, though of the same race, is of less power than Gothmog, who in turn is less powerful than Morgoth, who is weaker than Tulkas in battle. From this you can see how powerful the Valar and Maiar (Collectively known as the Ainur) should be. To this an un-educated Tolkien fan might say, "Then how come Gandalf killed the Balrog?" The answer to this is simple, Gandalf, or Mithrandir as he is known to the Elves, was once known as Olorin, if my memory serves me correctly ( a while since I last read the Silmarillion) and olorin was a wise Maiar who dwelt in the Undying lands. When the Valar saw that Sauron was going to return they sent Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, Allatar and Pallando to Middle earth to prepare the Free peoples. They were only allowed to us what power was available in humanly form, but they were still of the same race, which puts Gandalf at the same level of power as the Balrog. Hmmm, how did I get to talking about the Balrog vs. Gandalf?... I don't blame you if you get confused.

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

No im not confused, ive heard most of that many times before esspecially as i have read the Silmarillion, just like you aid the characters stats are too powerfulm for the game and in my oppinion would ruin most games, most not all. I made up this charater purelly yo add some depth to the characters, rather than just having normal ranger captains .

-The Terrain Dude
Neix J's Opinon (And the only one no one listens too): There are somethings a little unbeleiveable about The Terrain Dude's supplement. Like, all Rangers wear leather armor as uniforms, meaning that even if Arli had Elven Armor as an heorloom, it would have to be under his shirt, and would still count just as heavy armor, so its points should probably be lowered. Also, Ungbar has 4 attacks, which is a little to high, suggesting he could beat his master Sauron in a fight. He should have 2, 3 tops. Plus, being able to hit on 2+... It's a bit dodgy, that even an elf shouldn't be that proficient an archer. I was excpecting a stat like that for Legolas, but prehaps you should make Arli 3+, and give him the Expert Shot or Deadly Shot rule. As for Arli's Ma n Pa, sometimes things seem weird but they do happen. Like, why do all the Rangers of the North hang around in Bree, which is in the East? Seems rather stupid really...

Neix J


The Terrain Dude

Hey, man don't take offence at anything we have said, it's still a great supplement, It's just my way of being a Tolkien Nut. I can't handle it when someone makes characters that aren't correct to the book. And you should hear me when my friends say a Lord of the Rings word wrong... Once again, please don't take offence at anything said prior to this post

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
Is he yelling at me? *perplexed*. The stats are a little weird but thats no problem.. I wish these where actual models so I could kick my friends buts! Even worse than I do now! Mmmm.... Tolkein Nuts... Im hungry dammit!

Neix J

Be careful Neix J, the Tolkien Nuts comment could be taken in a sick way.

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
But I meant it in a sick way! JUST KIDDING.

Neix J

I just get annoyed when people have to be so precise, but in the end its your oppinion and thats what the comments are for. Plus it wasnt so much at you 2 guys more the wise wanderer, it really annoys me that he's having a go at my characters stats when his in my oppinion are un realistic and dont fit in with the game.

When i do add a second section i have decide to change a few of the stats anyway, making Ungbar a little less powerful and introducing a second orc leader to make up for this. Boroling and Arli will both lose a point of might and Arlis special rule will be replaced with a different one. But i will still keep the elven armour.

The Terrain Dude
Eh. Its your Supplement!

Neix J

Okay and while your at it why don't you tell me how powerful a god should be. I did my best to make moddles that lived up to their characters. If you read the Simarillion you'll see that the Valar are not unrealisticly portraid by my moddels. Besides I added all sorts of new moddles to balance it out so it fits in the game. Not that that really maters since Sauron and the Balrog are both really powerful and basically can't be defeated by any normal armys that aren't specifically designed against them. I've just added more Nigh infalable foes. I just wanted to capture the grandure of the Simarillion. Thus I made these really powerful moddles. I think they can fit fine in the game. Sure you either need another really powerful peice or a specially designed army, but hey its fun. Infact I think I'll make some scenario's to show how this can work.

Wise Wanderer
OK! I should be God so I can be super-powered! :p. Thats how powerful gods should be!

Neix J

What??? Umm no I was kinda thinking Strength, Defense abilitys.

Wise Wanderer

Look see the thing is your making up abilitys that don't exist. If Arli is part human why is his acuracy higher then that of elves. If Arli can pass courage tests because he's part elven shouldn't all elves be able to do that. How can this mixed blood be greater then the higher race of his two bloods. It makes no sense. But I have suggestions. Change the name from. Fury of the elves to Courage of Youth. Since Arli is younge and somwhat Naive he passes all courage tests requred when he is alone or when his fource is reduced to half its starting number. Then just give him a normal shooting value for elves and you have a logical viable character. Otherwise people will keep mentioning this. Not me but people. There's more to realism then how powerful something is.

Wise Wanderer

Just looked at Ungbar. If he were real he wouldn't be trifleing with some petty rangers he'd be invading Minas Tirith. 5 might, 4 attacks. And he isn't all that weak against bow fire. He esentially has three wounds since he can modify his fate role so easily. And he has a defense of 6. Also you shouldn't have out of character info in a description. the don't say. Aragorn is a great warrior because he gets a free point of might every turn. Instead they say. Aragorn is a valiant and mighty warrior (just an example not a quote).

Wise Wanderer

It seems to be your the only one getting really upset over this not anybody else.

-The Terrain Dude

Correction. No one's getting upset.

Wise Wanderer

Except you!

The Terrain Dude

I am sorry to point this out but the greatest captain of the rangers was halbarad. what gave you the idea he was not

Hirgon Of Gondor
I know that and as far as i can see i have not put differently. i put Boroling is one of the greatest not the greatest.

I have also updated the stats to the new version.

The Terrain Dude

Argg Hirgon. Halbarad was a captain of the rangers of the north and not the best since ARAGOR WAS THE BEST. These rangers of Gondor. How can you not know the difference.

Wise Wanderer

gust like to say that i like all of it and stop being herd on the guy who gevs a fuck the ranger that is beetr thin faramir well not me but you guys do

Learn to spell and write coherently Then your aloud to post on this board.

Wise Wanderer

go fuck your self and who made you the boss of the site?

Shar Gru. No. But anyway I never said I was the boss now did I. I'm just a common poster. If you make fun of a guy on the street and he tells you to go away does that mean he's the boss of the country. No It just means your being a jerk

Wise Wanderer

lol bye you saying Learn to spell and write coherently Then your aloud to post on this board meens that you are the boss and if you dont like the fact that a cant spell well THAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLOM and how do you have the rite to tell me to go away!?

Well rites and ceremonys are given out by the high shaman of the wiki board.

Wise Wanderer

you dont say

Ranger of Gondor

Has this been you the whole time. If so quit cursing and implying that Hirgon and I are some weirdos who are so pathetically obsessed with LOTR that I go nuts when someone doesn't know who someone is. I'm just a kid with a good memory who likes the books and knows stuff about them. I also enjoy debating stuff. Hirgon is probably the same.

Wise Wanderer

im the same but i dont mined if thae caning stuf

Ranger of Gondor
ok.. heated debate... i dont want to get involved as such but firstly what does 'if thae caning stuf' mean...? And it would be apppreciated if you could keep the boards free form bad language it is a family site after all.

The Terrain Dude

Yeah blame the guy that can't write. I'm just telling him to cut it out.

Wise Wanderer
Yeh I know, you're not the one cursing.

The Terrain Dude
That guy needs therapy. His comments were a bit out of line.

Retarded Geek

all of you can go to hell and wot i said is im the same as you but not as up tite

Ranger of Gondor

Didn't sound that way. Sounded like you were just trying to be mean.

Wise Wanderer

me hahahaha no im not trying to be mean just trying to tell you not to so up tite and Terrain Dude im on your siad so dont back stab me

Ranger of Gondor
erm.. well from your posts I kinda didn't realise that but thanks i think... And im not backstabbing you. Were not up tight just prefer it if you can express your vuiews without the need for cursing...

The Terrain Dude

well WW is up tight

Ranger of Gondor
I think the scenarios and entire storyline of this summplement are good, but I also think the profiles aren't so good - e.g. Arli has strength 3. Another thing that would solve the matter about how Arli is a half-elf is that the poeple of Dol Amroth have elf blood in them, due to them being descended from Amroth.

Legolasthe Golden

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