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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Journey Ofthe Rangers Part Two

Edit this page (last edited May 1, 2006)

Journey Of The rangers Part Two-In Minas Tirith


My first supplement i have already posted on this website seemed to go well, except a few queries over stats, so i am now writing the second. Here is a link to the first;

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Journey Of The Rangers

You will probally notice ive altered the stats slightly in this one, hopefully improving the game. As i have said this is the second part contuinuing from where i got to while they are actually in Minas Tirith. Hope you enjoy The Terrain Dude

Special Rules

Like the first there are no special rules.

The Free People


Boroling (Man)

Points Value: 95
  F     S     D     A     W     C    M 3
 5/3+   4     4     3     3     5    W 1
                                     F 2

Boroling is one of the greatest captain of rangers and it is up to him to stop orc inavasion along one sideb of the anduin.

Boroling has a sword and a bow but has no armour. Extra items can be given to him from below: Armour 5pts Heavy Armour 10pts Arrow of Arnor 50 pts

Armour gives boroling +1 defence, heavy armour gives Boroling +2 Defence

Arrow of Arnor
If boroling carries the arrow of arnor he can use it once per game, if it hits an evil warrior (it doesnt have to kill them) boroling can use the arrow of arnor, the victim must pass a courage test each turn if they fail they lose a wound but do not run.

Arli (Half Elf Half Man)

Points Value: 75
   F     S     D     A     W     C    M  2
  4/3+   3     5     2     2     5    w  3
                                      F  1

Arli's mum was an elf, his dad a ranger of gondor, he has followed in his fathers footsteps and hopes to command his own band of rangers. Being part elf he has a higher defence and only needs a 3+ to hit atarget with his bow.

Arli carries a sword and bow and has no armour but extra items can be given to him from below:

Elven Armour 25 pts If Arli weras elevn armour his defence is increased by 2

Special Rules

Fast Fire
Arli is an expert with his bow and is his main choice in weapons, so therefore he is allowed to fire twice in the shoot phase!

Magical Powers

Immobilise: Range 6'' Dice Score to use 5+ Same rules as for Celeborn and Gandalf, but as he is only just magic he has to be within 6 inches of the opponent and needs a 5+ to use it.

Gondathor (man)

Points Value: 50
   F     S     D     A     W     C    M 3
  5/-    4     6     2     1     5    W 0
                                      F 0

Gondathor was once a great captain in the lands of Gondor, serving Lord denethor well for many a year, but now he grows old and this is reflected in his stats. Good in combat with 2 attacks and 3 might but only 1 wound and no fate means he cannot suffer one wound!

Gondathor wears heavy armour and carries a short sword. The great sword of his fore fathers 50pts

Special Rules
Sword of his fore fathers, while Gondathor carries this sword he gains +1 to his rolls to wound, like a two handed weapon without the - one.


Refer to lord of the ring manual for warriors stats of normal warriors in scenarios.

Forces of Darkness


Ungbar (uruk hai)

Points Value: 100
   F     S     D     A     W     C    M  3
  5/-    5     6     3     2     4    W  1
                                      F  1

Ungbar is one of Mordors greatest fighters on offer, with 3 attacks and 3 pts of might this captain is great in battle but with only 2 wounds and 1 fate he is bad at defending against arrow fire.

Ungbar carries an uruk blade and a two handed axe (he can use either in the fight phase) and wears Mordor Heavy Armour.

Orruugath shaman captain(orc)

Points Value: 95
   F     S     D     A     W     C    M  2
  4/4+   4     6     2     2     3    W  4
                                      F  1

Orruugath is an older orc shaman captain, by that i mean he has survived more battles than most, he has learnt much off the ringwraiths at minas morgul and is gifted with some kind of primitive magic.

Orruugath carries an Orc blade and an orc bow and wears heavy armour.

Magical Powers
Drain Courage: Range 12 inches Dice score to use 4+ see ringwraiths stats

Transfix: Range 6 inches Dice score to use 5+ again see ringwraiths stats


Refer to Lord of the Rings manual for records on figures needed in scenarios.


I will finish this as soon as possible. But feel free to leave your comments

The Terrain Dude


I think Orruugath should be called a Shaman captain since he has magical powers. Also you might want to give him a points value soon.

Wise Wanderer
Wise Wanderer, I issue you a challenge. Find me one post of yours, which you haven't altered in the last week that is a happy cheery comment congradulating someone. But anyway, gret work The Terrain Dude! This looks great and more set out and rule fitting than before. Only one thing, the rule to shoot two arows ina turn is known as expert shot - Haldir has it. But anyway, thats making me sound like Wise Wanderer, eh? :p. GREAT WORK! WOO! *CLAPS*

Neix J

Isn't the point of comments to make suggestions. And I'm sure I've made a congradualation type comment at some point. Oh yes I said that one guy's miniature gallery was awsome, and that one guy's terrain gallery was awsome.

Wise Wanderer

Hey everybody, I'm back! Well done The Terrain Dude I like the stats you've given the heroes this time round, Good work!

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

Besides I just said he should be a shaman captain.

Wise Wanderer

Arli is better then last time but still a little to far fetched. Whats with the magic. I'd like some back story. Is this kid's mum by any chance Arwen. Because you said she was a Rivendel elf and I can only think of one magical elf in Rivendel, of coarse thats just in the game in the real Tolkien world the "Wrath of nature," Is just an enchantment on the fords of Bruin. So I'd just like to know, how did Boroling manage to get so lost that he was about a months walk away from Ithilien. You did say Rivendel right. I'm sure you have it figured out so you can just tell me.

Wise Wanderer

I decided to give Arli magic as it fits in with his background story (i will put this up but ive only got a short time on the web right now) but hes not Arwens son, does she have any children, i cant remember, i thought she had 1 with aragorn but was there any more? Also the bad have Orruugaths magic so the goodies needed a bit of magic. Boroling didnt really get lost, he had been instructed by Gondathor, his captain, to hunt down a large orc party which had killed several important people from gondor. The group he took included himself and Arlis dad + many others. They tracked the orcs for ages, some wanted to give up but Boroling knew he couldnt leave the journey until revenge had been brought upon the killers. The orcs were on a general pillage attack, raiding as many buildings as they could and to kill several important people on their way. Boroling and his men caught up with them in Ettenmoors near Angmar of Old, where in an ambush led by Boroling they slaughtered all of the orcs, losing a few men in the process. After this they were forced to go to Rivendell to get more supplys or they wouldnt have made the long journey back to Minas Tirith.

Sorry if its a bit brief maybe ill add

The Terrain Dude

No that will do. Much improved continuity wise from your original reasoning. So why the long stay in Rivendel. Or is Boroling just really impulsive when it comes to romance. By the way Orruugath should be called a Shaman captain. Makes more sense and sounds cool.

Wise Wanderer
Sighs... Yuh yuh Wise Wanderer, weve heard that 3 times now! :p, And im just making fun! Not being mean... Much

Neix J

Yes and no one has said anything about that suggestion.

Wise Wanderer

Was there any suitable reply?

The Terrain Dude

Yes. I'd just like to know what people think. I rather enjoy when things I say(write) are dignified with a response.

Wise Wanderer

Aww thanks. Did you change it because you liked the Idea or just to get me to be quiet.

Wise Wanderer

I changed it because i hadnt thought of it and its a cool idea!

The Terrain Dude

Oh thanks.

Wise Wanderer
Wise Wanderer let your mined free you gust like the book dont you?

Okay Your saying something about likeing the book. I love the movies and the book. I like to stay cannon when in comes to LOTR.

Wise Wanderer
Well done The Terrain Dude! These profiles have been improved a lot from last time, making the game better to play, and I think the fact that Gondathor is really weak in some places and really strong in others makes a really good game, as you have to cover up those weaknesses. One thing I would say is that Arli is S3, which is almost as bad as hobbits!

Legolasthe Golden

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