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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/King Ellesar

Edit this page (last edited November 5, 2004)


What If??????: king ellesar

what would have happened if certain things went differently. say faramir had taken Boromir's place at Rivendell, or gimli the dwarves went instead of the elves to Helms deep., even what if sam drowned when trying to reach frodo.

  • Scenario
  • Description
  • Participants
  • Points Match
  • Layout
  • Starting Positions
  • Objectives
  • Special Rules
  • Comments
  • Farimir had replaced his Brother Sam had died at Nimrodel Gollum had recaptured the ring, If legolas, gimli and Argorn had followed Frodo


    I will explain the rules and scenarios of a warp world of lotr gaming. ever thought what would have happened. no! Thats what i'm here for.

    The first scenario is if Faramir had persuaded his father to switch him and Boromir around and faramir had taken Boromirs place. Maybe the east bank of osgiliath would not have been taken and neither would the west. boromir led a mighty army he led them personally where Faramir was with the Rangers. Faramir could have used a host of rangers to aid in the fellowship. we dont know.


    The Free Peoples: Consist of Farmir, mandril(use damrods rules)and Damrod and 8 rangers with bows and spears.

    The Forces Of Darkness: Consist of x Captains, x Evil Creature, etc.

    Points Match

    Most matches are even points matched, i.e. 500 pts vs. 500 pts, but sometimes that is not the case, usch as in Siege scenarios. Describe any special points match rules for the scenario, or if this is even applicable.


    The layout defines what the gaming board looks like and what special terrain, if any, is needed. It's also best to have an image of some sort visually describing any special terrain rules needed, and who goes where.

    Starting Positions

    The layout defines what the gaming board looks whereas the Starting Poistions describe how the models are positioned. This is sometimes "evil models set here", sometimes involves who sets up first, and also any special rules. Describe them all here.


    The Objectives state how to win the match. Pretty simple.

    Special Rules

    Some scenarios have Special Rules that go along with that scenario only, bending the rules slightly. List any you need here.


    Don't forget to leave a special area for comments.

    Also, don't forget to include the page in the Category Articles category, also to pretty the scenario up with lots of cool images. Not only images needed to understand the scenario, but general "mood" images that show what the scenario would look like while being played.

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