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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Midnight Raid On Lothlorien

Edit this page (last edited May 19, 2005)

Midnight Raid On Lothlorien

By Eomer


While the fellowship are in Lothlorien the goblins attack the elves at midnight.



Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, Haldir, 6 Wood Elves w/elf bows and 6 Wood Elves w/elf blades. 2 models can be a banner.


2 Moria Goblin Captains, 15 Moria Goblins w/sword and shield, 15 Moria Goblins w/spears and 15 Moria Goblins w/Orc? Bows. 2 models can be a banner.

Points Match



This scenario is played on a 48" x 48" or 120cm x 120cm board.There is lots of trees, hills and rocky outcrops covering the board

Starting Positions

The good side places his models anywhere within 12"/28cm of the table edge.The evil side places his models anywhere along any edge of the board as long as they are touching the edge.


The good side wins if they can kill 50% of the evil side. The evil side wins if they can kill 50% of the good side or if Frodo is killed.

Special Rules

Difficult terrain

The whole board is counted as difficult terrain and only Haldir and the Wood Elves can move their full move.

Save the ring bearer

Frodo can flee the board to avoid getting killed.To do this he must leave the board on any edge. Once he has left he does not count as being slain.


Feel free to add your comments here.
Yah,I think I remember this part in the book,Great job Eomer!!I think the match is a little one-sided, I would go with 48 moria gobby's(in all) and 2 gobby cap'ns and 2 standard bearers.

-Citadel Guard

Thanx. I've changed it to more goblins.I haven't read the book so I don't know if this happened or not so I just made a scenarios.

Mmm... I remember this too, but the fellowship didnt do any fighting in it.

Neix J
I have now read the books and I now know the fellowship didnt do any fighting in it. I am planning to change it.

- Eomer
cool! should be interesting.

Retarded Geek

Do you think I should get rid of the felloship or just leave them in there and just make up the story. I will test it properly soon.


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Edited May 19, 2005 (diff)
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