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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Race To Rescue

Edit this page (last edited February 26, 2005)

Race to Rescue

Author: The Terrain Dude

Saruman has sent one of his many great uruk captains, Ugath, to attack and kill Eomer,who's leading a small hunting party, to get revenge on Eomer for killing The orcs and uruks carrying Merry and Pippin. Eomers only chance is if he can hold on to a group of riders come!

  • Race to Rescue
  • Description
  • Participants
  • Points Match
  • Layout
  • Starting Positions
  • Objectives
  • Special Rules
  • Comments
  • Description

    Eomer and the hunting party start on top of a hill facing the uruks led by Ugath, while the riders start on the opposite side of the river bank.

    Can the riders make it in time?


    The Free Peoples: Eomer on foot, 4 warriors of rohan with spears and shields, 6 riders with wargear as you want.

    The Forces Of Darkness: Ugath (use a uruk captain with Lurtz profile except no bow), 15 uruk with sword and shield, 5 uruks with bows.

    Points Match

    If you want to do a points match, good need hero up to 150 pts, up to 40 pts of soilders on foot and 75 pts of mounted figures. Evil must have hero 75 pts max, 175 pts of troops without bow and 75 pts of troops with bows.


    The battle takes part on a board 2' by 4', 15 inch from east side is a 9 inch wide river going from north to east, cover rest of board with 1 hill 12 inches in from west side and cover rest of board in rocks and trees and bushes.//

    Starting Positions

    eomer and soilders start on hill, uruk start on south edge, riders start on east edge.


    For evil to win, they must kill eomer and all other good troops.

    If eomer dies but uruk are all killed before all rohan soilders the games a draw.

    If eomer survives and ugath and all uruk are killed the good side win.

    Special Rules

    Raging River: the river is quite fast and strong so all figures in river move d3 inches to the south, unlike usual horses can enter river they must just pass courage test, use courage value of horse, if failed rider is bucked off, roll on thrown rider chart, horse counts as loose mount.


    Feel free to add comments in the space below!!

    I've renamed the page to be RaceToRescue. Looks fun, and quick which I like a lot. Not sure why you made all the text italisized though

    -Shnar Gru
    Sounds fun...-Citadel_Guard

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    Edited February 26, 2005 (diff)
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