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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Retrival

Edit this page (last edited June 21, 2006)

This a scenario that i have created for the battle companies

A banner of some importance has been lost on the battlefield. It is the job of your company to retrieve the banner not matter the cost.


A 48”/112cm by 48”/112cm board with as much or as little terrain as the players wish. The more the better. The players will need five objective markers and a suitable model of a banner bearer (race is not important). Place the five markers on the board in positions that the players mutually agree on. Keep the banner to one side.

Starting Positions

Roll a dice to determine priority. The player that rolls the highest score chooses one of the short table edges, the lowest scoring player chooses the other. The players move their models on from the first turn. The highest scoring player has priority for the first turn.


Retrieve the banner and move off the opposite table edge from whence you entered.

Victory: Your company has the banner and moves off the opposite table. Defeat: Your company does not have the banner and the opposing company does and moves off the table. Draw: Both fail if the banner has not been moved off by turn twenty.

Special rules

Banner: The location of the banner is unknown and so the companies have to search. A model may move into contact with a marker and then search it during the combat phase provided he does nothing until the combat phase. If the model does this then the controlling player may roll a dice. On a 4+ the banner has been found and may be moved (by picking it up). When this occurs all the other markers become void. On a 1,2 or 3, the area is empty remove the marker from play.

Cumbersome: If a model finds the banner then they revert to the banner rules as described in the ROTK rulebook. If they are carrying any additional equipment other than a hand weapon then they must drop it to carry the banner. Cavalry models must dismount to pick the banner up and carry it (this represents the fact that it may be damaged or fragile). Additionally, models carrying the banner can move at half their move rate.

Glories to be had: If a warrior carries the banner off then they will be richly rewarded. Warriors are promoted to heroes. Heroes get a free role on the hero advance table.

Note; if a warrior carrying the banner is slain in combat then the banner is dropped but can still be picked up by another warrior by moving into contact with it.

Fëanáro Tinehtelë


you should show the people taking part

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