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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Revenge Of The Rohirrim

Edit this page (last edited September 10, 2005)


Author: Ug'luking

I've tested it and so did some of my friends and they said it was good so enjoy playing

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  • Description
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  • Description

    The foul Uruk-Hai of the White Hand have been pillaging and depleting Villages,Farms and stables of the Rohirrim for the last month,some scouts have heard of some news ot some Uruk-Hai.Will the scouts get the news back in time for reinforcements or will the Uruk-Hai feast on man flesh tonight.


    The Free Peoples: Eomer(Horse),2 Riders of Rohan,2 Riders of Rohan(Throwing Spear),3 Warriors of Rohan,2 Warriors of Rohan(Throwing spear),2 Warriors of Rohan(Bow).

    The Forces Of Darkness:Ug'luk,10 Uruk-Hai(Shield),8 Uruk-Hai(Pike).

    Points Match

    If u want 2 play this scenario with other forces,choose at least 260 Points 4 each side.Both Teams Must include a Hero/Captain? 2 lead your troops and the good side has 2 have some sort of calvary.


    This scenario is played on a 120 by 140cm board with a path going from 1 small end 2 the other,a river in the middle of the long board edge 2 the other with a bridge,a couple of hills,some fences along the path,a ruin and a signal fire touch 1 of the short end sides

    C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher\My Documents\My Pictures

    Starting Positions

    The Good Player deploys 2-4 warriors in the dead centre touching the bridge in some way.

    The Evil Player not that he/she is evil deploys all his/hers warriors opposte the side that has the signal fire and must be at least 15cm from the side of the board,Dont worry Good player your other troops come in to play L8er in th game.


    The good side wins if the evil force has 1 model left and the evil side wins if the good side is all gone.Woah so many Good and Evils lol.

    Special Rules

    For Eomer/Hero/Selected? Captain!:All units within 7cm of Eomer/Hero/Selected? Captain automatically pass there Courage test's.

    Reinforcements:As soon as a warrior lights the signal fire on the next turn on a roll of a 2-4 the rest of your warriors arrive on a 5 or 6 Eomer and your riders arrive.On a roll of a 1 no 1 comes as no 1 has senn the signal yet.


    Sorry that I dont have any pictures but i'm working on it.

    just so ya know, all riders have bows so you don't need to specify that. Maybe make it harder for the good side, Cause the way it is now, evil will get crushed.

    Retarded Geek
    Gee thx bout that


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    Edited September 10, 2005 (diff)
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