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Gaming/Community Scenarios/Space Hulk Type Game

Edit this page (last edited October 31, 2006)

Tower Raid

Ok this is a game i was thinking up a few days back, its like a space hulk lite played with LOTR minitures instead

The idea is that one player controlling a squad of raiders, raiding one of the many towers of middle earth, whilst another player controls several defenders spread across the board. (I had the idea of using towers when i thought up this game but it would work with any building)


The game is played out on a maze like board with squares on the floor like a generic board game. If you dot want to make a new board you can just use an inch ruler for the game. The reason for this will be explained in the rules.


(I have only thought of the basic rules so far, so it really is only a lite game at the moment) To start with a squad of 4-6 soldiers controlled by player 1 starts at an entrance or whatever you have chosen as the starting point. The denfender has an amount that can be up to double that of the raiders, (although any amount can agreed upon for the defenders) these are spread out across the board, half of the models on either team can have ranged weapons. The aim of the game would be for the raiders to achieve an objective eg. reaching an item, killing a captain or something else agreed upon, The defenders would simply have to kill the raiders. At the start of a turn a priority roll is made on a D6, whoever gets higher moves each of his models first, for each of the models another D6 is rolled (this is where the squares on the board come into play) whatever is rolled on the board is the amount of spaces that model can move in any direction unless blocked by a wall or another model, (if you don't use a squared map use an inch ruler). this continues until the player has moved all of his models or into an action is put into place (explained later). The other player then does the same.


(at the moment I have only came up with the basic actions).


At anytime a model moves into a space one space away from an enemy model (as in an empty space between the two models) that model stops and cannot move the rest of his movement. At this point both players roll a D6 for their respective model, whichever has the higer roll moves into the empty space. That player then rolls a D6 again for a kill roll and on a roll of 3+ kills the enemy, if the model is not killed it moves two spaces in the opposite direction from the winning model and the game continues as normal.


Ranged weapons can be used by stopping a model with a ranged weapon from five spaces to two spaces to an enemy model (just outside of attack range) a shot can be taken, this is done by rolling 2D6 and if the toal rolled is 8 + the enemy model is hit and another roll is taken, the same as if the model had been hit in close combat.


(these are rules that can be implemented and although not nessecary they add an extra level to the game)


If a model comes into combat distance to an enemy on its sides or back the enemy model has to roll a search roll to see if combat is activated, this is done by rolling a 2D6, the total is then subject to a penalty of -1 if the model is on the side of the searching model, or -2 if it's behind it. If the total roll is 8= the model is found and the attack rolls commence. If the model is not found it can either continue moving as normal or attempt a stealth kill.


This rule goes together with the sneaking rule above, the model that is moving can move into the space next to the model that failed its search and instantly roll a kill roll. (see above under attacking). if the model is killed it is removed from play, if the roll fails the attacking model moves back 2 spaces.


This allows for a model firing on an enemies blind side to have an advantage. when rolling the firing roll (see above under ranged weapons) a bonus is given to the total depending on what side the attacker is shooting at, +1 for shooting at the enemies side and +2 at their back. The rest of the ranged weapons rule then applies.


this allows for a model that is fired upon to return fire after being shot at. If either roll for shooting an enemy model fails then that model can fire a shot under the normal ranged weapons rule. If this shot fails the first model does not get to fire again.


I have fought up several objectives that would work with this type of game: ==Reaching an objective: == For this objective the raiders would attempt to reach a certain room or marker to win the game. These objectives would work as if the raiders had taken over the building. This is a list of rooms/markers that could be used for this:
  • A throneroom/ throne
  • A flag/ banner on the roof

==Taking an item: == These objectives would be items that would have to be taken out of the building to complete the objective and win the game. To take these items would cause the raider holding the item to have one move point taken from their movement rolls. These items could be used for markers:
  • Treasure boxes/ Gold or treasure piles
  • A palantir or other symbolic/ magical item
  • Food/ Beer barrels

Killing the defenders:

This objective would be to simply kill all of the defending soldiers.

Killing the captain:

This would be the same as above except only the captain need be killed.

Burn it down:

For this objective the raiders would have to set fires at certain points of the building to destory it. This would be done by reaching a marker (a pile of wood or some other marker) and rolling 2d6 if the number is 8 or more the fire is set. the raiders would not have to be seen carrying a torch as it can be thought that they have taken a torch used for lighting a room off of the wall.

==CAMPAIGN OPTIONS == (These rules are intended to be additional rules to a campaign of your own design rather than to do with the raid game itself) I have figured that these games could be figured into a normal campaign of LOTR either using normal rules or these new rules to play out raids. The games can be used to further the extent of campaigns by using the objectives to add extras to the game. for instance: If a building is gives a bonus to the army controlling it, using an objective that destorys or takes it over, would cause the bonuses to switch over or be lost. Raids that take items from the building would give bonuses to the raiders army. This would work by certain items adding to certain point pools or levels that would allow the player with them to get certain things (The amount of points given by each item should be decided when the raid begins). Here is a list of what I have worked out for the items I have put onto the rules:
  • Treasure or gold Pool: Would give money to the raiding team to allow them to buy new units for their army.
  • Magical items: would allow heros to be given bonuses to their values or to get new special rules.
  • Food Pool: Would allow units to regain their strentgh for the coming battle and and so each unit given a food point would get an extra strentgh point for that skirmish. (Each unit can only be given 1 point each skirmish, otherwise you would end up with one unit as strong as a troll)
  • Beer Pool: Beer would work like food but instead give the unit a point of courage at the expense of a point from the fight value and an extra point to the total of the shoot value (eg. a shoot value of 4+ would instead be 5+)


This is all the work I have done on this so far please feel free to leave a comment

The Angry Turtle

Nice idea. It would be good if you could develop it further, as you are no doubt doing. Be sure to post the developments up here as soon as they are ready!

Legolasthe Golden

Does the campaign part need to be explained better?

The Angry Turtle
No, I'm fine with it. You're saying that, if a bonus is given to the other side, then one of the missions could be to neutralise or get that bonus, right? And that some things inside a game could be collected to give bonuses? Well, thats what I gathered anyway.

Legolasthe Golden
Yeah that was pretty much what i was going for.

The Angry Turtle

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Edited October 31, 2006 (diff)
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