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Gaming/Community Scenarios/The Ancient Ruins

Edit this page (last edited June 22, 2005)

The ancient ruins

This scenario is set in the ancient times during the the Last Aliance another Planitir has been discovered in some ancient ruins which are now long lost and forgetten on the maps of men.

The Combatants

*Good *One Elven Captian *Four Elven Bowmen *Four Elven Swordsmen *Two Neomorien Spearmen *Two Neomorien Swordsmen

*Evil *One Orc captian One Cave Troll Twenty two Mordor Orcs with any weapons.


Both sides need to take the planitir from a set of ruins set on a high cliff hill in the middle of the board. They must then take the planitir to the opposite table edge they began on.

Gaming Board

90 x 55 cm board with a ruin set on a large cliff hill with lots of boulders. The ruins count as difficult terrain. The ruin is in the very centre of the board. Some thing to represent the planitir(marble) set in the centre.

Special Scenario Rules

If two enemy units are both in contact with the planitir at the same turn then in the fight phase the must fight whoever wins gets the planitir. The Troll may bash down parts of the ruin (10 defence). The Troll may not take the planitir. The Planitir may be passed from friendly units but the planitir may not move more than 14cm per turn. Who ever holds the planitir gets the following: Spells Compel, Transfix, Drain Courage. They also get +1 will per turn.

As soon as I read it man I started Playing the scenario when my friends came ove, you might wanna add Ringwraiths on fot to add interest if ya don't mind?

Ba By123

Great idea i just dont have them yet i played this with my friend and he beat me he only started playing like a wwweek ago glad you like it though

This is a great scenario i played it straight away its great i love it

Ki An33
Glad you like it who ever you are? cool 2 people like it, yay!! HaradWarStudier?

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Edited June 22, 2005 (diff)
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