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Gaming/Community Scenarios/The Defense Of The Causeway

Edit this page (last edited June 27, 2004)

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The battle of helms deep.

  • Scenario
  • Description
  • Participants
  • Points Match
  • Layout
  • Starting Positions
  • Objectives
  • Special Rules
  • Comments
  • Description

    At Theodens request Aragorn and Gimli jumped to the causeway to hold the uruk-hai off long enoug for the Rohirrim to bar the gate.


    The Free Peoples:Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Theoden, 4 Wo R w/ bows, 4 Wo R w/ swords and shields, 4 Wo R w/ throwing spears and shields.

    The Forces Of Darkness:3 Uruk-hai captains, 9 beserkers, 50 Uruk-hai w/ mixed weapons.

    Points Match

    No points match


    GW's helms deep castle with a cause way 10cm wide and 28 cm long.

    Starting Positions

    Aragorn and Gimli start no less than 4cm away from the gate, 20 Uruk-hai 2 captains and 7 Beserkers start at the bottom of the causeway. Legolas 4 Wo R w/ bows and 2 Wo R w/ swords start dirctley above the gate the remaining Wo R and Theoden start behind the gate. 20 Uruk-hai, 2 beserkers and the last captain start 28cms away from legolas and the Wo R. 10 Uruk-hai start behind the gate infront of the Wo R and Theoden.


    Good must hold the Causeway for 20 turns or until all of the enemy has been killed. Evil must kill at least 3 heroes or breach the gate by turn 20

    Special Rules

    Damaged gate: As the gate was damaged by the ram it counts as having D6 and 2 Batter points.

    Swirling Melee:If Aragorn and Gimli are less than 4cms from each other they may choose to have a swirling melee. If they do this the gain A+2 and +1F. They also gain +1 to their roll to wounds if they win. If the evil side loses the combat the models are pushed back 6cm to show the ferocity of the attack from the heroes. The next turn they may not do a swirling melee and they get -1 to their attacks,to win,Fight value, and to wound rolls to show that they are recovering from spinning around


    Nice scenario. have you done any play testing to see if its fair? i like the swirling melee rule.


    Yeah i have playtested it and evil one 3 times out of 5. thanks for the feedback

    Yes, very interesting. Nice to see you around Sarumatt If you have any images, such as a map or "flavor" images, would love to see them.

    -Shnar Gru

    Yeah nice one- 1 question though - where do you get the helms deep terrain/mega model ? none of the GW stored around seem to have them

    -Lord Glorfindel
    Try some online stores, they probably have a couple lingering around. I know a lot of US stores have some too, if you're willing to pay extra in shipping. Otherways, there's always eBay...

    -Shnar Gru

    You should have that unlimited renforcement rule. The one where if you kill a moddel it returns on the proper dice role. I imagin the Uruks would want to keep trying to win the gate.

    Wise Wanderer

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