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Gaming/Community Scenarios/The Fall Of Osgiliath

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The Fall Of Osgiliath

A Mines Of Moria Inspired Starter Campaign.

I am desperate to get the new Mines of Moria starter kit, with all its models and scenary. Since i will probably not get my hands on it untill Christmas time (2005), i have decided to make myself an alternative, easy set that works almost exactly the same way. It involves Faramir and a small group of Warriors of Minas Tirith during the loss of Osgiliath, working exactly the same way and using the same guidelines as Mines Of Moria. Like Mines of Moria, the games inside are simple and can be completed very quickly
What you will need
To play The Fall Of Osgiliath, you will need the following items:

  • A faramir model (a ranger or dunadain will do, or any other model apart from warriors of minas tirith)
  • 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith
  • 24 Mordor Orcs
  • A Troll (cave troll stats)
  • A small set of ruins

Rule Changes for this Campaign
To make this campaign easier to play, i have made the following rule changes...
Might, will or fate are not used during this campaign
Warriors fight across barriers as normal(ignore normal defending rules)
Faramir has 3 attacks instead of 2

With the Fall of Osgiliath scenarios, i have taken the exact Mines of Moria scurmishs and placed within them the new participants with any minor layout or deployment changes. This was you can have almost an exciting preview of the Mines Of Moria before you get the box.

Scenario 1= Across the Streets

Faramir has heard the sound of a Orc attack across the river, and rushes toward the scene with much needed reinforcements. Little does he know, but several filth encrusted orc archers have infiltrated the western half, and silently take aim.

The size of this board is around 22 inches by 22 inches. This means a fairly small board, which in turn means fast and furious action!. Place four ruin pieces on the board in a roughly square-like formation, but they must be at least 10 inches apart, and at least 6 inches away from the good models.

The good side consists of Faramir, 3 Warriors of Minas Tirith with shield, 3 with spear and shield and 2 with bow
These are deployed withen base contact of the left hand side board edge.
The evil side, consists of 4 Orc warriors with bows, and each of the orcs are deployed behind one of the ruins.

WINNING THE GAME= The good player wins the game if every member of faramirs party can escape of the right hand side board edge.
The evil player wins if they can kill any of the gondorians with their bows. The game ends as soon as one player acheives their objective

MOVING AND SHOOTING= If models wish to fire their bows in the shoot phase they must not move more than half their total movement, (in this case the orcs can only move 3 inches) as they need to take the time to aim and fire.

Scenario 2= Faramir's Quality

With his warriors tired and weary from battle, Faramire scouts ahead alone in the war-torn Osgiliath. Unexpectantly, a party of Orcs spring out and ambush the son of Denethor. With time not on his side, Faramir must get himself out of the ambush and back to the safety of his companions before he is overwelmed.

The size of the board is the same as before, but instead of being in a square like formation, the ruins are now in a straight line. There must be space for at least 2 models at a time to fit through the gaps.

The good side consists of Faramir (hes on his own!!). Place Faramir on the left hand board edge
The evil side consists of 4 Orcs with spear and 4 Orcs with shield. Place four of them on the right hand board edge, and the others between 5 to 10 inches from Faramir.

WINNING THE GAME= The good player wins if Faramir can fight his way clear of the ambush and escape off the right hand table edge.
The evil player wins he Faramir is killed. The game ends as soon as one player acheives their objective

SURROUNDED MODELS= If a model is surrounded by three or more enimies, if it loses the fight, it will take double strikes from those surrounding it. For example Faramir is surrounded by 3 Orcs. He loses the fight, and now takes not 3 but 6 strikes from the orcs.

Scenario 3= Osgiliath Invaded!

In preparation, the Orcs of the Morgul Vale make a lightening seaborne attack across the river. They close in on one tiny block of buildings on the river, and Faramirs men, in the absence of their leader, are completely caught off guard. Closing down the stairways from which the Orcs attack from is vital if they are to survive this onslaught

The size of the board is the same before, but this time the ruins are spread out radomly across the board.
Place two counters, one six inches in from the western table edge, and another the same distance from the eastern table edge.

The good side consists of Faramir, 4 Warriors of Minas Tirith with shield, 4 with shield and spear, and 4 with bow. These models are deployed in an area 4 inches by 4 inches in the center of the table.(note that Faramir does not start with these gondorians, but enters the battle at the end of the third turn from the northern table edge)
The evil side consists of 24 Mordor Orcs. Four Orcs are deployed by each stairway, and the rest may be available later on in the game.

WINNING THE GAME= The good player wins if both stairways are sealed.
The evil player wins if either Faramir is slain, or 5 Good models are killed. The game ends as soon as one player acheives their objective

STAIRWAY= At the end of every turn, a single Orc appears from each open stairway on a roll of a 3+. To seal the stairway (this would involve blocking it or smashing down the rock, a good model must be on top of it for the entire turn (it can still fight during the turn), and roll a 5 at the end of the turn.

Scenario 4= The Fall Of Osgiliath

Finally, Sauron makes his final assault. Thousands of Orcs on rafts land on the western shore and the defenders are driven back by the force of the invasion. Knowing of what his Father would say should Osgiliath be lost, he and his men prepare to fight back the orcs, but to their suprise, its not just orcs who come to invade Gondor's shores, and tonight could very well be their night of defence.

The size of this board is double the normal size, to allow a much bigger battle. It is 44inches by 44 inches. As usual the board is covered with ruins and debris.

The good side consists of Faramir, and 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith. The good force may deploy no further than 12 inches out from the western table edge
The evil side consists of 24 Mordor Orcs, and a Troll. The orcs, having just disembarked from their landing craft, are deployed on the eastern table edge, while the troll is brought on from the eastern table edge at the start of turn 4.

WINNING THE GAME= The good force wins if the Troll is slain. The assault force would have stalled at this point.
The evil force wins if either Faramir and 5 gondorians are killed, or 50% of the entire good force are slain. The game ends as soon as one player completes their objective.

COUNTLESS ORCS!!= The orcs attacking are inumerable, they outnumber the defenders hundreds to one. If an orc is slain, it enters one eastern table edge on the following turn.


Well thats it. I hope you have enjoyed my attempt at displaying the flavour of the new box before you could have a chance to buy it. Trust me, it will be the best wargames box you will ever buy. Much better than my version, as well as handfuls of exclusive minis and terrain. Get it NOW!!!!

Marshall Of The Mark


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