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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/Throughthe Misty Mountains

Edit this page (last edited June 14, 2005)

Through the misty mountians

This scenario shows a skimish type battle between part of the Last Aliance and a horde of orcs trying to bring themselves to the dark lord. To do this they must escape through the Misty mountains into one of the many winding caves and continue to Mordor.


High Elven Captian, Four High Elven Archers, Six High Elven Swordsmen, Four Neomorien Archers, Four Neomorien Swordsmen, Four Neomorien Spearmen,
One Cave Troll, Eight Orc Warriors, Four Orc Warriors with 2-h weapons, Four Orc Bowmen, Eight Orc Spearmen,


90 by 55 centimetres board with scattered terrain that would suit the Misty mountains with A gate at one end of the board in the middle of the 55 centimetre edge the good team begin at this edge, the evil begin opposite.


Good side objectives: Slay the cave troll before it disappears through the gate.

Evil side objectives: Orcs must buy the troll time to get through the gate.


This game is great for people who are new to the game like my friend who i lost to (he managed to slay my cave troll two centimetres away from the gate, Damn those elves!!!)
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