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LotR Wiki

Gaming/Community Scenarios/What If Expansion

Edit this page (last edited November 11, 2005)

What If?

What if Galadriel had taken the ring. What if Frodo had succombed to the Morgul blade. What if Sauron never joined Morgoth. All these questions and more will be answered in this expansion along with many what if scenarios.

  • What If?
  • Forces of good
  • King/Steward Boromere
  • Kings of Gondor
  • Forces of evil
  • Galadriel the Dark Queen
  • Ring Wraith Frodo
  • Dark Wizards
  • Aragorn lord of the dead
  • Scenarios
  • The Dark lord and the Dark Queen
  • The Fall of Middle Earth
  • Glory of the kings
  • The Tiny Wraith
  • King Boromere's Triumph
  • Wrath of the Lord of the Dead
  • The Five
  • Conversions:
  • Comments
  • Forces of good

    King/Steward Boromere

                                       Points Value: calculating

                                        Might: 6

                                        Will: 1

                                        Fate: 3

    F: 6 S: 4 D: 8 A: 3 W: 3 C: 6

    Whether as king of Gondor or Steward Boromere no doubt would have made a mighty Lord had events not conspired to end his life.

    Wargeer: Boromere carrys a long sword, the horn of gondor and a sheild. He wears heavy armor. At an additional cost he may ride a horse or carry the standard of Gondor.

    Horse: 10 points

    Standard of Gondor: Points unknown checking book

    Special rules:

    Beloved ruler: The people of Gondor love and respect Boromere his stand fast role affects a 12in radius as aposed to a 6inch one.

    Kings of Gondor

                              Points value: 90

                                      Might: 3

                                       Will: 1

                                       Fate: 2

    F: 5 S: 4 D: 7 A: 2 : W: 2 C: 6

    What if the line of kings hadn't been lost for so many years. This profile shows more advanced kings of men that Gondor might have produced.


    Kings of men carry long swords, sheilds and wear heavy armor. At an aditional cost they may ride a horse.

    Horse: 10 points

    Forces of evil

    Galadriel the Dark Queen

                                 Points value: 220

                                 Might: 3

                                 Will: 5+1 free per turn

                                 Fate: Special

    F: 5 S: 4 D: 5 A: 2 W: 3 C: 6

    In truth Galadriel refused to take the ring knowing its power would destroy her. But what if that decision had not been made and Galadriel had taken the ring.


    Galadriel wears a iron breastplat and carrys a sword, she bears the ring of power.

    Ring of power: The one ring serves Galadriel in two ways. It empowers her magic, and she benifites from its special fate bonuses. When Galadriel looses here third wound she can make a random dice role if the result is over 2 the wound is not lost.

    Magical abilitys:

    Transfix: 10in +2

    Compell: 10in +3

    Aura of power: +3

    All shall love me and dispare: +5 range 6in. Galadriel may use her magic and beauty to ensnare the unsuspecting. If the target moddle fails its will resistance and does not get a 5+ on a follow up dice roll he falls under control of the evil player. If he is engaged by his former alies and they win the fight they may atempt to bring him to his senses. The attacking moddle must give up one strike to do this. Roll a D6 if the result is a 6 the atempt is sucessful. If not the atempt fails and play continues as normal. A good player can not attempt to restore a moddle and wound it in the same fight. He may however use his multiple strikes to wound other enemys in the fight.

    Ring Wraith Frodo

                           Points value: calculating

                            Might: 1
                            Will: 10
                            Fate: 1

    F: 3 S: 3 D: 6 A: 1 W: 2 C: 6

    Once an innocent and joyful hobbit, now thanks to the evil of a Morgul blade a torchered and wicked slave of the dark lord.

    Wargeer: Frodo carrys a short sword, three morgul blades and wears tattered rags over crude armor.

    Magical abilitys:

    Tranfix: 3+ 6in

    Compel: 4+ 6in

    Terrifying aura: 4+

    Special rules:

    Having little use for a pint sized warrior wraith Sauron chose to make Frodo more of an asassin.

    Poisoned sword: Frodo reroles any ones when makeing a damage role

    Invisibilitys: Frodo can chose to remove his rags making himself invisible. This is similar to when he wears the ring however there are some differences. Frodo can attack enemys while invisible he counts as being behind cover to reprisent that he is difficult to hit and requires a fair deal of luck or skill to strike. Turning invisible takes a full turn. In this time frodo can not make any actions. When invisible frodo has a defense of 4 since he is wearing no armor.

    ring wraiths and will: Frodo follows the same rules for will as ring wraiths.

    Dark Wizards

    Aragorn lord of the dead


    The Dark lord and the Dark Queen

    The Fall of Middle Earth

    Glory of the kings

    The Tiny Wraith

    King Boromere's Triumph

    Wrath of the Lord of the Dead

    The Five


    Although I haven't converted any of these myself I do know of ways these could be made.

    Galadriel: This is rather simple. Take a Galadriel moddle. Cut off the head. Take a barrow wight cut off exessive armor and use moddleing puddy to sculpt the propper armor and make the arms less corpse like. Cut off the barrow wights head and put Galadriel's in its place. As a final step use more moddeling puddy to lengthen her hair and make it flowing about wildly.

    Frodo: Another simple one: Cover an entire Hobbit moddle in moddeling puddy to look like ragged robes. Make sure he has a sword.

    Kings of Gondor: Simply sculpt a Gondorian crown on a king of men from moddling puddy. And if you want alter the clothing and add a white tree. You could also use a king Aragorn moddle painted and modified to look different.

    King/Steward? Boromere: Take a Boromere captain of the white tower moddle. Remove the banner and replace it with Boromere's sheild from his fellowship moddel. Finally using moddeling puddy give him a crown or some other token of his position.

    Dark Wizards: For Gandalf Radagast and Saruman this is a simple task. Simply take any moddel of them reposition certain elements to make them more threatening and paint them dark versions of their colors. For the blue wizards you can use moddles of gandalf the gray with hats. then paint the robes and hat dark blue and the beards white.

    If anyone try's these I'd love to see your results.


    Feel free to speak your mind.

    Wise Wanderer
    Good job. How about if Gollum got the ring?? You could make him a little stronger and able to take many more wounds or something.


    Nah. I think gollum would just stay gollum if he had the ring.

    Wise Wanderer

    This one's HUGE but what if Saruman had stayed good?

    -King Of Gondor
    What if Aragorn had fallen in love with Gollum? XD

    Neix J

    If Saruman had stayed good he'd be functionally the same. You can use him on the good side if you're playing a battle that takes place before the war of the ring.

    Wise Wanderer
    Athough he would just be Saruman the white, not Saruman of many colours.

    Neix J

    I think that only changes his cloths

    Wise Wanderer
    And his title

    Neix J
    What if Elrond had pushed Isildur into the fires of Mount Doom when he refused to destryoy the ring?

    -Captain Of Gondor

    Yeah I saw that little cartoon on elfwood

    Wise Wanderer
    I figured that was the obvious thing to do.

    Neix J

    Yeah aside from the fact that Isildure was about 20 feet behind Elrond.

    Wise Wanderer
    This would be better if you had spelt Boromir's name corectly... And Neixj that gollum and aragorn in love sounds funny.. imagine arwen fighting gollum over aragorn... (actually its big shit)

    The Terrain Dude
    Not to pu-pu your what-ifs, they are very intriguing. Galadriel the Dark Queen I can definitely buy and let's not leave out Boromir the Great assuming he was able to take the ring from Frodo at Ammon Hen. I would even go along with Gandalf of many colours. It's just...Frodo the Ringwraith? The way I see it if you were a powerful Maiar and you invested a great deal of power into this ring, then it is taken from you for 500 years, and you find out after all that time that some little puke hobbit has it and has been merrily walking freely about middle earth in possession of it, you would...take him into your service. The actual ringwraiths were bound to Sauron's will by the 9 rings they possessed but they were great kings of men that were deceived by their own greed. In my humble opinion, a succumbed Frodo would simply be taken back to Mordor to be tortured until Sauron tired of the game. But that's what great about TTG, the possibilities are boundless.

    Be Ren

    Au, I explained this. If Frodo had succumbed to the morgul blade he would have become a wraith and a tormented servant of the dark lord.

    Wise Wanderer

    Absolutely, if Frodo had been even hours later in reaching the Fords of Bruinen the Black Riders would have had complete control of his will and he would be compelled to follow them and doomed to become a wraith. That is not in question, not sure if you thought I was questioning that part of the story. I was just simply taking your very own quote "Having little use for a pint sized warrior..." and going no further, but since it is just a game you can do whatever you like and even have him be a lieutenant of Minas Morgul. After all, the battle of the Pelannor left Sauron down one wraith anyway, least of all his captain.

    To go one better, another what-if I have always wondered about is when Frodo claimed the ring at Mount Doom and if Gollum had not been around to bite it from his finger (Say Samwise's hand had not been stayed earlier) what kind of bearer would he have become? In addition if he had kept the ring as Gollum did there is no question he would have become a similar sort of wretched creature.

    Be Ren

    yeah but my idea was to make him an assassin. It said in the book he would be a slave to the other wraiths. I figure a small silent necro manifestation would be a good assassin, no use wasting a good assassing just torchering it when you can torcher it and order it to kill people. Just a though I had. The evil Galadriel is really what started this, I really can't think of many good "what if" characters just evil ones.

    Wise Wanderer

    As far as good "what-if's" the only one that comes to mind is if Saruman had not been tempted by the lure of the ring and had remained good. This, of course, was already brought up by someone else. Saruman by trade actually studied ring lore and it is suggested that this study over the years sort of lured him into being tempted by the one ring. However, all of Sauron's minions were of course, completely under his domination and he had already lost the ability to understand good, hence the real reason he completely overlooked Frodo and Sam or any attempt to sneak the ring in and destroy it. Do keep in mind though that Tolkien does not delve very deeply into the realms of the Easterlings and Southrons. Yes, many tribes of these peoples pledged allegiance to Sauron during the war but there is no reason why some could not have come out on the side of good. One of the great mysteries in Tolkien lore is what ever came of the two "blue" wizards that traveled east, the remainder of the Istari, and if their true mission was to stir up an anti-Sauron sentiment in the east and southern lands.

    Be Ren

    I've heard of an easterling tribe that didn't worship sauron, as a result it was in constant war. A Good side what if doesn't mean an evil thing being good instead. Just events transpiring to produce a different group or person. Perhaps a "what if" man of arnor similar to the warriors of minas tirith.

    Wise Wanderer

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