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LotR Wiki

Gaming/House Rules/Elevated Archery

Edit this page (last edited June 2, 2005)

Elevated Archery

When archers/models with ranged weapons are elevated above ground level (eg on a hill, on a castle wall) the distance above ground level is added to their total range for both normal shooting and volley fire.

For example, a Rohan archer is standing on the wall at Helms Deep. His usual range is 21", but because he is 4" off the ground, his arrows now go 28".

- Ranger
Um, this rule has already been stated in many other articles on this site. I also think that a little more meat to this article could really improve it. I agree with the rule, but it just isn't very origional.

Retarded Geek
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Edited June 2, 2005 (diff)
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