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LotR Wiki

Gaming/House Rules/Mouth Of Sauron Lord Of Isengard

Edit this page (last edited August 29, 2005)

Mouth of Sauron, lord of Isengard (man) Points value: 250

                                       Might: 1

                                        Will: 6+2 free per turn

                                        Fate: 4

  F   S   D   A   W   C
 6/-  4   7   1   4   6

No one know his really name, he call himself Mouth of Sauron. Mouth of Sauron was one time a Numenorean but he get seduced and corrupted by Sauron. During the Third Age he was Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dur, and Saurons ambassador. After Sauron has get the ring, he sent Mouth of Sauron and a big force of orcs and trolls to take Isengard from Saruman. Mouth of Sauron won over Saruman and killed him. Now have Mouth of Sauron rebuilt Isengard and he is lord of Isengard.


Mouth of Sauron have his black sword(hand weapon), And he have heavy armour. At additional points cost, he can ride his black, half dead horse, and have a Palantir:

black, half dead horse 30pts

Palantir 15pts

black, half dead horse. Only Mouth of Sauron can ride it. The horse have heavy armour. In it's nostrils and eyes it is fire.

black, half dead horse
  F   S   D   A   W   C
  0   4   6   0   2   5

Palantir. Mouth of Sauron can use his power over great distances. Using the palantir, Mouth of Sauron can use all his power against any enemy on the battlefield, except Rumble of horn

Special rules:

Terror. Mouth of Sauron evokes terror in his enemies as discribed in the Courage section.

No fear. Mouth of Sauron have no fear when it is a Mouth of Sauron guard on the board, when he never need to take courage test. If it not is a Mouth of Sauron guard on the board, he will need to take courage test like normally.

Mouth of Sauron's derision laugh. If Mouth of Sauron charge the victim, it will lose one points of fighting(F) in that fight only.

Magical Powers:

Transfix. Range 42cm. Dice score to use: 2+. The victim can do nothing further that turn. In combat. his fight value counts as 1 and he rolls one dice regardless of how many attacks he normally has. If he wins a combat he will not strike. The victim can still use Might, Will and Fate but cannot make heroic actions. The effect lasts for the remainder of that turn.

Rumble of horn. Range 6cm. Dice score to use: 5+. All enemies with 8cm of Mouth of Sauron will be deaf. (Deaf is the same as transfix.) (Can only be used so many times like it is Mouth of Sauron Guard on the board. For example... You have 2 Mouth of Sauron Guards, so you can use Rumble of horn 2 times.)

Sap Will. Range 28cm. Dice score to use: 4+. The victim's will value is reduced to 0. The effect lasts for the remainder of the battle - although it can be increased by the strengthen will or will of iron magical powers.

Drain Courage. Range 28cm. Dice score to use: 2+. The victim loses 1 points of courage from his characteristic profil. This penalty applies for the rest of the battle. This ability can take effect several times on the same target - reducing a model's Courage value each time.

Good Drain Courage. Range 28cm. Dice score to use: 4+. The victim loses 2 points of courage from his characteristic profil. This penalty applies for the rest of the battle. This ability can take effect several times on the same target - reducing a model's Courage value each time.

Mouth of Sauron's word. Range 28cm. Dice score to use 3+. He choose 1 victims. The victims run the full move to Mouth of Sauron. If the victim come to Mouth of Sauron control zone the victim dont need to take courage test with Mouth of Sauron, the victim will lose one points of fighting(F), strength(S), defence(D) and courage(C). F,S and D lose the victim only under the fight, but C will it hade lose in the rest of the game.

what do you think about this?

Shell he cost more/less points?
Umm... Yeh... Well where does this happen in the book or is this a 'what if' house rule? As for the stats, 4 wounds!?! to many, and the 1 attack is less than normal. Fight value of 6? 6 will + 2 free per turn... more than Gandalf?!?!?!?! And the rule or losing a fight value point in that round of combat is good, but this would cost loads! The horse also has 2 wounds? More than shadowfax lord of all horses? Where did you get the rumble of horn special rule from? I wouldn't use these rules and I wouldn't play anyone using them but you still can, I would tone them down a bit.

The Terrain Dude

Auuugh bad grammar overload. can't give advice.

Wise Wanderer

Interestingly enough I'm playing an RPG right now that takes place in the fourth age. I play the mouth of sauron I set up a fortress in the northern waste gained the loyalty of moria and took over Isenguard. If the other people playing would just show up I could conquer the glittering caves.

Wise Wanderer

I agree w/ terrain dude; way to good for so little points. Maybe two attacks, three wounds. Also, make the horse like a regular, armoured horse. It's not better than Shadowfax or any other horse, maybe even worse. Plantir should be more points, like maybe fifty or so. Right track, but needs serious tweaking. And there is no way that this guy is better at magic than Gandalf. He should be way more points, or changed to be considerably worse. This guy could dominate, transfixing across the field and all. But, right track.

By the way, do you think that battle o' five armies is kinda stupid? i thought the whole stand thing w/ a bunch of identical people on it is stupid, imagine painting the same guy fifty or more times! Peace out

Retarded Geek

Yeah they all look cartoonish and poorly detailed too. That whole thing is gonna bomb.

Wise Wanderer

The only cool part is that they have a few cool new units, and that there are lots of guys which can make battles more interesting. How do you show that a guy is dead, though?


How come this guy's spell ranges are more than anybody else's! 42cm?!
Category Users

how could anyone spell so bad?? or should i say howe kould any1 cpell sow badd

I agree, this guy's grammar is awful. He hasn't even put the words in the right tense!


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Edited August 29, 2005 (diff)
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