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Gaming/Tactics/Uruk Hai Tactics

Edit this page (last edited October 14, 2006)

Tactics of the Mighty Uruk-Hai

  • Tactics of the Mighty Uruk-Hai
  • Choosing Forces
  • Positioning
  • Archery
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Seige Tactics
  • Comments
  • Now although I personally don't collect evil forces, I like uruks a lot and have pondered possible strategies to use when I use them (from a freind or something). below are some possible routes to victory with these troops.

    Choosing Forces

    Before you choose to use uruks in a fight, see what units your oppents are using. for example, if they are using men, uruks are a go. but, if dwarws, uruks will find themselves outnumbered unless you can have enough pikemen to secure victory. (dwarves have no spears.) Against dwarves, uruks have an even chance of winning the fight (same fv) an even chance of wounding (for both it takes a six), a greater move, but less courage and less men (dwarves cost two points less). And if they use kazad gaurd which are the same number of points as uruk-hai, you will probably get slaughtered because they wound easier and can't fail courage, and have no disadvantages other than a five inch move. however, against men (especially minas tirith) or even elves, uruks will rule. minas tirith soldiers will not be helped by their high defense and will most certainly fall to the greater fight value and strength of the mighty fighting uruk-hai.


    You might have noticed that in any battles were you use uruks, you are always outnumbered due to their high cost in points (unless good has elves). so, you don't want to march up in a open field and let the enemy flank and suround you. if that happens, your lightly armoured pikemen will fall very quickly. therefore, if you must engage in an open field, try positioning swordsmen on the sides of your lines so your pikemen can support both the front line and the sides, and the enemy cannot flank you. (you won't have three attacks in every fight, but that doesn't matter.)

    If at all possible, you should try to stay in enclosed spaces. in cities or fortresses they do best. if they defend a doorway, they can hold out almost indefinetaly against units such as minas tirith warriors. for one hundred points, (three swordsmen and six pikemen fill up the width of a gate) you can defend a gate with three attacks in every fight and have (most likely) superior strength which makes it half as easy to wound the enemy as it is for them to wound you. and for an even better line, pay an extra twelve points and upgrade those swordsmen to beserks, which throw yet another attack into the fray. If you can afford the points, a flag or hero somewhere in a line can allow it to survive much longer. So, as long as you can keep the enemy in front of you, uruks will almost always win the day.


    Archery is not usually a strength among evil units, but uruks are an exception. Although not as good as the good side's acuracy, (equal to men) the crossbow can still wreak havok among enemy troops, especially those with high defenses. imagine a line of minas tirith soldiers. you have twelve crossbows that shoot up to twenty-four inches. You get on average six hits. Two of those wound. you do that three more times. imagine all of those casualties!

    Uruk-hai bowmen look cool, but are outright dumb. I personally suggest not getting them altogether. But, if you do, or if you already have them, use them as gaurds on either side of your line, or behind the front line of swordsmen. If you place them in the middle, simply draw them back once the enemy draws near. If they are on the sides, they can be sacrificed in close combat, protecting the invaluable pikemen. And, of course, before they engage in close combat, they can pick of enemies before the fight is brought to them.

    But, be careful not to rely on bowfire to weaken enemies. Crossbows cannot volley, and cannot move and shoot. They should be used primarily to pick of strong units in a group, such as captains. Archers, like crossbows, also have a low defense and so are vunerable in close combat. it is best not to have too many of these ranged units in your isengard force.

    Hand to Hand Combat

    The key when fighting with uruks is getting into hand to hand combat. Although they have good armour against arrows, (strength 2 or 3 bows need a 6 to wound) they cannot compete against units like elves who hit on 3+ and wound the deadly crossbows on a 5. However, uruk-hai are able to destroy all good regular units in close combat (with the exception of dwarves, which cost very little and are one of the most unfair units in the game in my opinion). A man of minas tirith can beat an orc in close combat, and could easily school a goblin, but the man would stand no chance against an uruk. None of the regulars for the good force have strength 4, so the defence value of 6 will be a tough barricade against all (or at least most) enemy attacks.

    Plus, strength 4 is strong enough to defeat rohan or numorean (most likely spelled wrong) archers with ease, and can still deal with the heavily armoured men of Gondor. Also, all men have a fight value of 3. Uruk-hai have a fight value of 4. This gives them an even greater advantage when fighting men.

    The only real worthy adversaries of uruks (other than dwarves) are high elves, with arching and spears. They can disable a line of uruks easily by picking off all of the pike-men from a high perch or a side angle. You CANNOT afford to stay in the open for long with uruk-hai. Even if you are in combat the pike-men can still be shot. If things have changed to a melee, feel free to send your pike-men into hand to hand combat instead of them supporting from behind. This way, they may be killed in close combat, but they lend an extra attack all the same and cannot be shot by the clean-hearted elves (or whatever is shooting). An elf has a better chance of beating an uruk in close combat (presuming they use a hand weapon), but they have half the chance of killing the beast.

    Just remember to stick to tight areas if possible so you are not surrounded by swarms of inexpensive men. If this does happen, do everything you can do keep all your troops in a tight pack, which prevents them from being trapped by the enemy, and also allows you to use pikes to assist from behind.

    Seige Tactics

    I will complete this section later.


    (Post any comments here. If you see any spelling mistakes, please feel free to fix them, but only if you are sure of the new spelling. Please offer suggestions and other feedback.)

    Put them in a block with swordsmenin front and two ranks of pikes behind. lead it with a captain or lurtz and KILL EVERYONE! *ahem* sorry also use it to protect more delicate heroes like saruman. he can still cast spells because of his palantir. -Tom

    You have a good article here, however it does not really tell us any tactics. Here is a sample 500 point army i have come up with

    2 Uruk - Hai captains (heavy armour, sheild) 20 orcs (sheilds,spears,orc,bow,two handed weapons) 15 Uruk - Hai (sheilds) 5 Uruk - Hai (pike) 3 Uruk - Hai beserkers 1 Warg Rider ( throwing spear, orc bow)

    this army consist of all about 1 archer but it's sheer brute strength makes up for it in my mind. Also it is very flexible you can if needed split it up into two groups for example: orcs, beserkers and warg rider in 1 group, and uruk-hai and captains in another. Or you can just make one big group of ULTIMATE DEATH !!!!!!


    I have added a section to the article about close-combat. I appologize for leaving it incomplete for so long as I have not visited this site in a whole lotta months. RG

    Cool article. You might want to add seige tactics for uruks. Also I changed the word Arching in all of your posts to Archery. Even if arching is a real word it agravates me. I also fixed a to that should have been a too

    Wise Wanderer

    One question: is (ar-more) spelled armour or armor? RG


    Wise Wanderer

    Dwarves unfair? They don't get any spears. Thats a huge handicap.

    Wise Wanderer

    Category Users Retarded Geek

    this page really has helped me fighting with urakhai befor i read this page i was losing 7 out of 10 match but now i win 8 out of ten thx 2 ur advice u rok!!!!!

    -legolas flames

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